How to Create a Beautiful and Low-Maintenance Garden

Are you after a fuss-free garden that looks after itself? Fear not – you can create a stunning garden that is easy to care for and won’t leave you feeling frazzled.

Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out, this post will guide you through some tips and tricks to create a beautiful and low-maintenance garden that will make you feel nothing but happiness when you spend time in it.

Grab your gardening tools, and let’s get started.

Hallmarks of a low-maintenance garden

When it comes to a simple and effortless garden, there are some foundations to be laid before reaping the rewards of your new, hassle-free space.

Here are some tips to implement if you’re looking to create an easy-care outdoor space.

Native plants

Chances are if you’re living in a cold and wet climate, trying to keep a mango tree alive in your garden will take a lot of work. Choosing native plants will make your life a lot easier, and beautiful options are available.

Opting for native plants in your locale will help to keep maintenance down as the natural ecosystem will help you, such as the wildlife eating the pest insects. Native plants are also more resistant to any diseases. Also, a native plant is more likely to thrive – and therefore be gorgeous and full of vitality.


You can use naturally hard-wearing materials like stone, concrete and brick in several ways to create a low-maintenance garden. Feel free to mix and match materials for a layered, multi-dimensional look for your outdoor space.

The obvious examples are patios, seating areas and paths, which can help create a flow around the outdoor space. Another option is raised beds to improve water drainage and make garden planting easier. Whatever you decide, hardscaping is sure to help keep your garden fuss-free.

Irrigation system

If you love the look of a garden bursting with life but don’t fancy watering them every day, installing an irrigation system could help keep your garden fresh without much work on your part.

A drip irrigation system sends water directly to the roots of the plant, saving you from watering the entire garden and cutting down on water usage at the same time. You can even automate the process to set it and forget it!

Plants to include

Now you’ve got the basics of a low-maintenance garden down, it’s time for the fun part: choosing plants and flowers to help bring your easy-care vision to life.

Here are our top recommendations for plants, shrubs and flowers that are simple to look after and, as the icing on the cake, look simply stunning. Let’s dive in.


These delightful and colourful flowers are a lovely and low-maintenance plant to feature in any garden. Geraniums suit most climates and don’t need a lot of attention to thrive. They’re also perennial plants, so they don’t need replanting each year.

Geraniums are best in either full sunlight or partial shade and can be grown in pots or flowerbeds. Available in beautiful shades of reds, pinks and oranges, they add a nice pop of colour to any garden.


Also known as hortensias, these unique flowers grow in spherical bunches that are fun and easy to care for. There are dozens of varieties to choose from and a range of stunning colours to add cheer to any outdoor space.

They only need topping up with fertiliser once a year to encourage new spring growth and deadheading during the winter months. Top tip: the way hydrangea flowers grow in bunches works well in a homemade autumn or winter wreath once their colour has faded!


This is the ultimate ‘plant and forget’ flower that delivers on wow factor and fragrance. Lavender thrives in sunny spots, does well in the heat and usually only needs rainwater to keep watered. English lavender is good for borders while French lavender is more suitable for pots.

Lavenders need pruning back every so often to encourage new growth, but aside from this, they’re a brilliant type of plant you can almost leave to its own devices.


If you have a shady garden spot or a north-facing garden, hostas are the low-maintenance plant for filling it. These low-growing plants are great for ground cover and suppressing weeds. They pair well with other shade-loving plants like ferns and make a great plant to fill out borders.

They prefer moisture, so you may have to water them when it’s hot; other than that, they grow quickly and don’t require much upkeep. We’d highly recommend these for a easy-care outdoor space.


These spiky, yet beautiful blooms are a must-have for any garden. There are hundreds of different allium varieties, ranging from a few inches to several feet tall. Alliums grow in blues, pinks and purples to add some colour and drama to your garden.

Alliums can be deadheaded throughout the year as needed and will grow back without much upkeep. Once established, alliums are very low-maintenance perennial plants that will bring joy and colour to your space each year.


These evergreen plants are easy to grow and can be planted at most times of the year. The shrubs produce a dense foliage that’s easy to prune. They thrive best in partial sunlight and don’t need to be watered often.

In the summer, some hebe varieties can produce small white flowers which attract pollinators. Place them amongst other plants as part of a border or use on their own as a low hedge for best results.

Wrapping up

With a little planning and some simple strategies, you can enjoy a beautiful outdoor space that doesn’t require hours of hard work to maintain. Our top tips will have you on the garden path to success when designing your outdoor space.

Our specialist team are well-versed in handling any garden renovation ideas, designs and plans you’ve got in mind to transform your garden space. Our team will work with you to ensure your renovation is on budget and beautiful.

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