How to Design your Garden Landscape

Whether your garden is in need of a complete overhaul or you would simply like to revamp your outdoor space, when it comes to designing your garden landscape, it can sometimes be an overwhelming process.

Therefore, as experts in garden design and planning, here at Floral and Hardy, we have put together the following points highlighting what to think about when you design your garden landscape.

Consider what suits you

Before sketching out any ideas or designs, consider what you are looking for within your garden space. You may want to ask yourself questions such as: Would you like to have a space allocated to grow vegetables? Would you benefit from a patio area? Would you like raised beds for flowers? Would you like your garden to have a water feature?

Ultimately, what you need to ensure is that you are designing a garden that will suit your lifestyle, not simply one that looks like a good garden design ‘in theory’.

Study the sun and wind conditions and how they usually impact your garden

The amount of sunlight your garden receives, how long you have the sun for and where it stays for the longest are all factors that will affect your garden design. After all, plants that flourish in sunlit conditions should be planted where your garden receives the most sunlight. However, you’ll also want to think about whether you’d like a seating space or patio area where most of the sun light shines (having space for a washing line here may be practical too!).

In addition, if your garden has windy areas, you may think about planting hardy plants and trees to provide some shelter for more fragile plants.

Have you got children?

Having a family may mean that you would like to have a safe area in the garden where children can play and have fun with nature. Whether you would like space for a wooden play area, a paddling pool, space to sit and draw or would simply like an area where the children can get close to nature, you’ll want to consider where the children will play as part of your garden design.

How big is the garden?

The size of your garden will essentially make a difference to the style of garden design you choose. Large gardens, generally, require more hedges and boundaries and may even benefit from an outdoor garden room or office. Smaller gardens, on the other hand, would benefit from smaller plants and shrubs, and would perhaps be characterised with more plants and sculptural features.

What will be the focal point of your garden?

As with any strong design, a focal point can really enhance your garden and make the difference between a sophisticated garden design and a garden design that looks as though it needs ‘pulling together’ a bit more. A focal point could be your lawn, a water feature or a garden dining area, for example.

Sketch out a detailed garden design

No sketch can ever be too detailed when you are planning your garden, you’ll want to sketch the layout of your garden, and label it with flower types, materials, where you are planning to buy them and perhaps dates whereby you would like these elements of your garden completed.

Would you benefit from a garden design expert?

Garden design experts like Floral and Hardy can help when you are planning your garden. Because we know about what types of plants flourish in certain soils and have an excellent eye for garden style and design, we can design a beautiful garden that will suit your lifestyle and is also bound to impress.

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