How to Plan a Garden

How to plan a garden at home

Whether you are an avid gardener, or are planning the garden of your first property, it is often difficult to know where to start. Ultimately, you’ll need to consider numerous factors, like the type of soil featured in your garden, the size of your garden, how much sunlight your garden receives and how much time you would like to spend maintaining your garden.

Planning a garden is not at all a quick process and requires time, dedication and thoughts towards what you will mainly be using the garden for. You may like to opt for a vegetable garden, for example, or perhaps a garden with a playground for children. Take a look at the following advice from Floral and Hardy about how to plan a garden.

Sketch a rough outline of your garden plan

It can be helpful to get a rough idea of your garden plan down on paper before performing any work on the garden. You may find that you spend a lot of time thinking about some key features of your garden before drawing your final plan.

Consider where the sun rises and sets, as well as where the rainwater falls. What’s more, you may want to think about whether your garden needs to be planned over a few levels.

Perhaps talk to a garden architect or landscape designer

A garden architect or landscape designer may help you think about things that you are unaware of when it comes to planning your garden.

A garden architect or landscape designer may be able to go into more detail once you start designing your garden and make recommendations as to what would have an optimum effect.

You may also want to speak to a professional gardener about any products they recommend and if they can advise you of any plants that may particularly flourish in your outdoor space.

Consider the type of garden you would like

It is important when thinking about how to plan a garden that you consider your desired style of garden. Whether you would like an urban style city garden, a wildlife garden, a cosy retreat, a garden with a modern edge or a traditional, courtyard garden, it can be hugely beneficial to think about what style of garden you are going to opt for.

Think about your budget

When planning your garden, it is easy to get carried away with exciting design ideas and extravagant plans, without fully considering your budget. For example, perhaps you choose to have a grand water feature installed in your garden, and don’t fully consider how much it will cost to run over a certain number of years.

Lack of planning in the initial stages is, therefore, highly important, and you should consider how initial planning decisions you make will affect your property’s value as well as your own financial situation.

Plan your garden with Floral and Hardy

Here at Floral and Hardy, we are experts in planning gardens and garden design. Not only can we help you with how to plan a garden, we will help you make the most of your property’s outdoor space. If you are interested in any of our garden design services, then please do not hesitate to contact us at Floral and Hardy.



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