Inspiring Garden Water Features to Easily Recreate

Your garden should be a place to escape the stresses of daily life, so it’s easy to see why so many people are willing to spend time and money improving their outdoor area. One of the best ways to attract wildlife and enjoy a serene environment is to add a water feature.

Perhaps the most significant issue people face with water features is finding one that matches their budget and is easy to incorporate into their garden. In this post, we’re going to look at some inspiring water features to easily recreate. 

So, if you’re ready to enjoy a relaxing garden that takes you back to nature by shutting out the stresses of the world, these water features are going to change your lifestyle. 

Modern Water Features 

Some people don’t like rustic design, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you’re a fan of contemporary features and prefer a more streamlined look, it’s important to focus on neutral colours, brickwork and symmetry. 

Popular design elements include adding a mirror, a pebble pool and water walls. Let’s take a look at some stunning features that add sophistication to your garden. 

Stainless Steel Features 

Stainless steel embodies modern design because it offers a streamlined appearance and doesn’t overshadow other elements of your garden. 

If you’re looking for a standout feature, water walls are excellent and certainly eye-catching. Other options include mini-columns that are less intrusive, making them perfect for small gardens and stainless steel spheres.

We love the idea of water walls because they make a great conversation point and replicate wild natural environments such as waterfalls. 

Despite seeming complicated, water walls are actually straightforward to incorporate into a garden, and there’s plenty you can do with them. Water blades create a wall of water, which can be built into an existing feature of your garden or stand-alone. 

Concrete and Glass Features 

Concrete and glass make a wonderful pair, and they’re both cost-effective. If you want to go all out and do something original, building a waterfall into your home makes an impactful impression. 

Imagine being able to look out of your window and see a waterfall between the glass and yourself. It creates the image of being immersed in the water, and while this idea is complicated – it’s worth the time and effort. 

If you decide you want something simplistic and cheaper to build, you can use a concrete frame with a pebble pool. By adding glass panes to the design, the water will flow onto them and reflect the rest of your garden, which creates more light. 

Minimalist Garden Ponds 

If you like the idea of having a garden pond but would like a more streamlined design, you can create a rock and marble area, then add a simple water area. 

It’s entirely up to you whether you add fish or other wildlife, but this idea is ideal for the more laid back garden as it requires less maintenance than other ponds.

Rustic Features 

For some people, a character is the most crucial element of their interior and exterior decor, and rustic elements bring a lot of traditional charm to your garden. We love the idea of incorporating stone elements into your water features, and there are plenty of ideas you can recreate. 

Stone Fountains

Stone fountains might seem a little old fashioned to some, but they’re popular because they create a rustic appeal and garden centres stock them. It’s ideal if you don’t want to spend too much time choosing your features because you can find stone ornaments in even the most basic garden centres. 

If you want to be traditional, choose a round stone fountain. It will become a centrepiece for your outdoor area and is perfect if you’re going to design your garden around a water feature. 

More extensive water features such as a stone column make an excellent addition to a pond and are a great idea if you want to save space but still create that elusive rustic look. 

Japanese Gardens

Japanese water features are versatile, so they can be modern and rustic depending on their design and added elements. 

Natural stone is perfect for a Japanese water feature because it’s neutral and works well to balance the other elements. All you need to do is place the stones over your water and remember that minimalism is key to achieving the right impression. 

If you want to go a step further, then nothing says Japanese gardens like a wooden bridge. Regardless of the rest of your outdoor area and its design elements, your water feature will fit in with the overall design.

Spurting Face Design

Spurting face water features aren’t necessarily associated with Japanese gardens, but they can easily fit your garden design. The simple feature includes a man’s face, which has water spurting out of it.

This idea is perfect for small gardens because it doesn’t take up much space, but the face adds a degree of intricacy to the feature. It’s essential to think about the rest of your backyard and how the design of the water statue will fit in before you make a decision. 

Things to Consider 

All of the ideas above are relatively easy to recreate and can add extra layers to your garden. While some require a larger investment than others, they’re worth it if you want to create a stunning space that you can enjoy for years to come. 

The main thing to think about is whether you’re able to take the current layout of your garden and how to incorporate your water feature. A specialist gardening company that offers landscape design services can help you to find suitable features that match your garden layout and provide the style you’re looking for. 

Designing a perfect garden means you can enjoy it for years to come, and there are so many elements you can incorporate to create extra dimensions. If you’re looking for landscaping tips and information on growing vegetables and plants to improve your lifestyle and enjoy outdoor living, you can follow our blog for everything gardening related.

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