Job of the Week-Pruning Roses

Roses are the staple of any traditional British garden and pruning is an important factor in their success.

In the milder southern parts of the country, November is a good time to prune, but if you live further north or in colder areas, you might like to wait until late winter or early spring.

There are so many different types of roses – from hybrid teas to floribundas to ground cover – that it can be a little bewildering, but here are some simple tips for pruning that are suitable for all.

You will need:

Pair of secateurs

Loppers (if you have very thick branches to cut)

(Make sure your tools are clean and sharp, so as to ensure not to introduce any disease to your plants)



First, look for any dead wood and cut that out, and any branches that are crossing or rubbing on each other. Spindly or diseased branches should also be taken out.

Finally, cut the remaining branches back to a suitable height (which will depend on whether it’s a climbing or shrubby type).

With all cuts, look for a healthy, outward facing bud and prune just above that. You should make a slanting cut, away from the bud, so that water doesn’t collect on it and cause the stem to rot.

It’s quite simple really and, don’t worry, if you do it wrong, roses are pretty resilient and will soon bounce back!



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