Jobs to do in the Garden this Weekend

Fruit & Veg…

edible garden

Sow beans, marrow, courgettes and squash, two seeds per pot for the strongest plants, thin out the weakest seeding

Pick rhubarb and water with a generous amount of liquid feed

In case of frost, cover fruit trees with horticultural fleece to protect the blossom

Sow seeds outside for beetroot, lettuce, salad leaves, watercress and rocket



Plant out container-grown roses and shrubs

Add compost to flower beds in preparation for summer bedding

For climbing plants, tie in new growth to supports; clematis, wisteria and honeysuckle will be growing vigorously at the moment

Pick off faded flowers from azaleas, rhododendrons and camelias, being careful not to damage developing new leaves

Around the garden…


Dig weeds out of lawns, such as daisies and dandelions

Check for greenfly and blackfly developing on shrubs and roses; spray with a soft soap solution if you find any infestations

Collect hellebore seeds from ripe pods and either store in an envelope or sprinkle over some prepared soil

Check that your RCD works for all your outdoor power tools before using them

In the greenhouse…


If you have them, make sure automatic openers to greenhouse vents are working. It would be worthwhile to fit some if you don’t already have them

Plant tomatoes in grow bags or large pots making sure to add canes or wires for support

Plant beans in pots to encourage strong growth

Plant various varieties of chillies in pots

Bring in pots of strawberries to encourage early flowers and fruit

Keep alert for pests by checking under leaves and on shoot tips for signs of whitefly or red spider mite. These should be treated straight away or you can introduce some biological pest control

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