Keep Calm and Carry on Gardening!

The 27th April sees the start of the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) National Gardening Week celebrations.

The RHS introduced this initiative to celebrate all things fabulous about gardening back in 2012 with the theme of ‘ getting the nation growing’ (coinciding with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee) by engaging schools, communities, gardeners with support from the garden trade and has grown successfully year on year and is now in its 8th year. Each year focuses on a different aspect and theme with this year being no exception. With the current situation that we as a nation are facing, the theme of ‘Get Fit in the Garden’ for 2020 could not be more apt.

Doris Hill

Gardens bring a wealth of benefits to us all no matter the size, design or location of your garden space. From large urban gardens, to country cottage to city back yard or balcony, the health and well being benefits of being outside, from relaxing on a garden lounger to the physical work of weeding, planting, digging, clipping and not forgetting the vitamin D boost from being outside in the fresh air, are essential to keeping yourself happy and healthy. 

Growing different varieties of flowers, vegetables, shrubs and trees can be inspiring and rewarding and in particular for encouraging younger people to enjoy the process – who doesn’t like getting their hands dirty and working outside with nature? Importantly your garden space should bring you joy and not be a burden or responsibility that makes it a real ‘chore’ to maintain and upkeep.

Westerham Garden Design

The design of your garden should have consideration for all your and your family needs. During the National Gardening Week there will be many opportunities to access information and advice virtually  even if it is impossible to get to your local garden suppliers in person. 

Think about what you want your garden to give you? A colourful array of summer bedding, or a plethora of beautiful containers and hanging baskets. Maybe a celebratory rose or two – it is a perfect time to think about planting a stunning rose bush – remembering to give lots of water whilst it establishes itself.

Be imaginative in your planting – if you don’t have the luxury of a greenhouse utilise your window sills to plant seeds or have fresh herbs growing for your culinary use.

 Don’t forget that you can bring the outdoors inside!  Choose plants that can be grown indoors – there is always a huge selection of houseplants to make you feel that you have some lush green and colourful life indoors such as the traditional rubber plant (ficus elastica robusta), Swiss cheese plant (monstera deliciosa),  pin stripe plant (calathea ornata ) or zebra plant (calathea medaillon), bromeliad Achaea primers and calathea eternal flame.


National Gardening Week may just be the inspiration you are looking for to consider redesigning your garden space. Making your garden work for you and your household is as important as the interior of any home or indeed if you have a commercial property, providing an external or internal ) sensory, fragrant and green space will add value holistically, proving a place creating positive well being and sense of calm and opportunity to watch change as nature unfolds during the different seasons. 


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