How landscape designers can create the garden you always wanted.

How landscape designers from Floral and Hardy will help you realize the garden you want and save money too.

Garden landscape designers, after an initial investment, can save you a lot of money in the long term. They can make your life a lot easier if you are a busy person with little free time.

They can make you look really, really good as well. A Landscape garden designer is someone who can interpret that vague or maybe, even more, developed idea you have in your mind for your ultimate dream garden, and then fully bring it to fruition.

Landscape designers are folks who can help correct complications you didn’t even know you had while converting your back or front garden into a beautiful, outside living space.

If you think we might be a little biased (and you may be right), don’t just take our word for it. Instead, give yourself some reassurance by having a look at the work our resident landscape designer Helen Ellison. Here a few words from her:

“When designing your garden, my emphasis is on understanding you, in order to translate your initial ideas into bespoke garden design plans. Unlike many landscape designers I do not have a specific design style. My purpose is to design a garden that best suits you and the way you live.  We operate a ‘two ears, one mouth’ philosophy – we listen to you – and that way you get the garden you’ve always wanted, not one that a designer wants to create.

My own interest in gardens comes from years of personal experience, starting as a child working in my Dad’s vegetable plot and continuing in my own garden, through to my 25 years’ experience designing gardens for others, including exhibiting at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show.”

The gardens we design here at Floral and Hardy are as unique as their owners, from a back garden that is one half beautiful open pasture, and the other half a classy living area, down to a small, almost unusable space at the back of small terraced house which was turned into beautiful outdoor living and dining room.

We specialise in beautiful hand drawn garden designs, each one bespoke and individual to you and your feelings about your garden.

We’ll present you with your individual art at the end of the project, so you can see how our combined vision has become a beautiful reality!

We’re fortunate to have been able to work on some exciting projects, and each one has presented its own challenges and opportunities. The one constant throughout however has been that all of our clients have been delighted with the finished results!

When you have your garden designing and construction done by Floral & Hardy, the teams who work with you on site are professional, hardworking and ensure that the process goes as smoothly as it can!

Because we design & construct your new garden, every part of the process is carefully thought through, from the groundwork and construction through to the final planting. Each part of our garden design service uses a particular expert or experts – overseen by your individual project manager.

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