Last Minute Gifts for Gardeners

The gardener at Christmas is a hectic creature, trying to put the beds to bed so to speak before the coming of the winter cold, raising what remains of a vegetable patch from the ground and most of all getting the greenhouse set up – a half, or  a three hour job depending if they’ve got a helping hand. So naturally any aid that can be lent is as welcome to them as to anybody else in this busy, busy season.

Perhaps the most thoughtful way to do this is by incorporating it into whatever you’re gifting them this year, so here are five suggestions:

Weeder’s Digest tea mug

image of Weeders Digest mug

Everyone likes a hot drink while they work and cup of tea in the garden is as much appreciated as the coffee-matic at the office. Thus Alan Titchmarsh has released a clever little receptacle complete with a lid that as he says ‘Will keep the heat in and the bugs and soil out!’ Thus negating the three common threats to a good cup of chai where outdoor work is considered, and all for under £10.

Welly Warmers

image of welly warmer socks

This gardener’s take on the Christmas stocking makes a fantastically practical alternative to your average winter socks, available in various sizes and colours, and when they’re not in use they can be hung decoratively over a fire place to dry.

Greenhouse Caddy

image of greenhouse caddy

Every gardener worth their salt has that drawer, a box or other container holding every bit of loose twine, cane and wire they never made use of, but might. Similarly to the stereotypical “man’s drawer” home of orphaned keys, dead batteries and foreign currency, you can never be sure when all this detritus will reveal its purpose but can never convince yourself it just won’t. Thus the Greenhouse Caddy provides a compact and mobile alternative to a cluttered kitchen drawer, with divided compartments for the loose ends you’ve collected over the years, you can upgrade from a cluttered drawer to a cluttered tool box. At least it needn’t stay in the house.

Animal Watering cans

image of watering can in the shape of a bird

Personalise your garden armoury with these sheet iron creations ranging in every wild shape from piglet or elephant to duckling. If you’re  on a budget this year then I’d suggest the baby chick can as both the cheapest and most compact option.

Tool Racks

image of garden tool rack

A good tool rack is an indispensable addition to any garden shed, it saves time and space by organising your larger equipment whilst providing a point of sanity in what would otherwise be a chaotic space.

The tool rack, watering cans and mug can all be found at, but best to check it out sooner rather than later as they’re having a Winter season sale. The stockings and caddy can be found at a variety of retailers.

By Josh Ellison

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