Lawn Love – Five Ways to a Great Lawn

Our Five Tips on Lawn Care

Lawns are still a popular part of many people’s gardens, but nothing looks worse than a weedy, unloved patch of grass, so below you’ll find our five top tips on preparing your lawn for summer:

  1. Aeration is the first step to lawn treatment after the frosts of winter have departed.  The key reason is to mitigate the effects of soil becoming compacted from being trodden on. Compacted soil particles prevent adequate circulation of air, water and nutrients to the lawns whole root structure. To aerate your lawn simply pierce the surface all over with a garden fork.
  2. Weeds are a persistent detriment to a healthy lawn, most readily identifiable by patches of uneven growth or more blatantly the blooms of flowering weeds appearing among the grass. The simplest treatment is a chemical formula that can be applied in spring and summer to inhibit their growth, however, consistent digging, raking and mowing can either remove these nuisances completely or at least encourage the grass enough that they’ll be unable to compete.
  3. Late spring happens to be the ideal time for a spring feed of your lawn, a process that strengthens existing grass stems whilst stimulating future growth. This process should be repeated mid-summer to maintain lawn health.
  4. Watering is a tricky subject when it comes to lawns, depending on the weather conditions, but a good rule of thumb is to water the lawn deeply at least once a week if the weather is dry and hot and always water as early, or as late, in the day as is practical since this prevents wastage by way of evaporation from the sun.
  5. Mowing is what every homebody thinks of when looking after their lawn – the simple zen pleasure of maintaining its uniformity, not to mention the sensory feast that fresh cut grass promises. This should only be performed on a dry lawn in the morning or evening to avoid heat stress on the grass. Alternate your mowing patterns to ensure that no area goes neglected.


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