Look after your Lawn in the Summer Months

Garden Lawn

To keep your lawn looking its best, mow it little and often.

This will stop it from going brown and of course, keeps it looking neat. One of the reasons it will turn brown is if you suddenly cut it short after it has been left for too long as the whole of the grass blades are cut off exposing the coarse bases of the remaining stalks.

During the summer it’s ideal if you can cut the lawn twice a week to keep it looking at its very best. If the weather is very dry, raise the cutting height of the blades slightly to help keep the grass green. Straight after mowing trim around the edges to keep the shape looking neat; for this job it’s best to use long-handled edging shears. Using an electric strimmer might be quicker, but it can leave the edges looking brown or bare.

These days it is quite fashionable to allow low, attractive violets and primroses to grow within the lawn and if the blades are not too low on your mower the plants will pass safely underneath. Clover is also allowed nowadays at it attracts the bees into the garden and this can only be a good thing with the bee population under threat!

It looks like we’re in for a good summer, so get out in your garden and enjoy it!

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