Luxury Garden Designers Predictions for 2016

Discover the latest garden designers predictions and trends for 2016

Whether it’s style or swift moving cars, many of us are keen on keeping up with the latest trends. Many gardening fads have come and gone, while some continue to be a perennial part of the luxury gardening landscape. Here are the newest predictions for 2016 from some of the top luxury garden designers.

Appetising gardening is becoming a larger part of outdoor luxury garden living areas. Mini fruit bushes are really getting popular, and they’ll thrive in containers. For the London urban gardener designer, it’s a brilliant way to have something garden-fresh to consume right on your back door step.

Food landscaping is quickly becoming popular too, with edible assortments being amalgamated into the old-fashioned landscapes rather than established in a separated kitchen area.

A new generation of keen luxury garden designers are helping to spur the food landscaping trend. With far more mindfulness of industrialised farming methods, these young’uns are more aware of where their food originates. Developing fresh food at your own home is becoming part of the average routine for many.

Naturalistic gardening is also more popular than ever, with people becoming more conscious of the predicament with bees and butterflies. Luxury garden designers are planting milkweed, the only food supply for Monarch larvae, and including native plants to support pollinating insects. It’s a much more spontaneous tactic rather than hands-on, rigorous gardening as well, so it’s much easier to manage.

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We think our luxury garden designers are second to none. The results can be seen in our UK garden design portfolio page from our website. Together we have the collective experience and the processes to deliver what you want on time and to the highest specifications.

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