Discovering the Battersea Power Station Hotel Project

Luxury garden designs for the new Battersea Power Station hotel project

Set within the Battersea Roof Gardens structure planned by Norman Foster, the designer behind The Gherkin, the new Luxury London Battersea Power Station hotel will comprise of an open-air luxury rooftop pool and garden, the result of beautiful luxury garden designs, spanning the entire length of the building, produced by the designers of New York’s High Line, a neglected railway station turned into an elevated garden.

Underneath the garden level, guests will be able to access a Luxury designed bistro and bar offering the sights of the city as well as a “multi-purpose creative space”, which will be used for shows, exhibitions, and other art/ cultural occasions.

As well as the hotel, likely to be finished in 2019, the Battersea Power Station Development Company is also preparing to build the Electric Boulevard, a new high street padded with shops and restaurants, and a new public park and public hub known as Prospect Place planned by Frank Gehry, the American architect known for his outstanding design constructions around the world counting the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

Prospect Place will form a group design of five residential buildings with unconventional, art-inspired frontages including that of The Flower, which is set to develop into a new “London architectural landmark”, the developers foresee. The Roof Gardens structure will also platform an equally unusual front imitating a rippling of waves. The firm will also build a new Battersea Power Station London Underground Station.

The latest statement follows the début of designs made earlier this year for a floating glass-floored “Sky Pool” to be overhung 35 metres above the ground flanked by two residential buildings near the power station.

Approximating an ‘aquarium in the sky’, it is said to be the first designed pool in the world to connect two inhabited buildings. The clear and structure-free pool, designed by Arup Associates and established by the Ballymore Group, will be 90 by 19 ft., enclosed in eight-inch-thick glass, and have a water depth of about four feet. It’ll also give aerial views of London, including the Houses of Parliament.

Inhabitants of the prearranged luxury flat designs in Wandsworth will also be able to get onto a rooftop deck at both ends of the pool which will offer sun recliners, a spa, a bar and an conservatory, while an extra bridge between the two buildings forms a dry pathway for both residents and visitors.

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