Our Top 10 New Build Garden Ideas

Most people have a basic understanding about gardening and will choose various features depending on what they’re planning to use the garden for. However, in order to really make the most of the new build garden design opportunity, it is useful to get a professional opinion.

While neutral colours and spacious rooms in the interior property spark a fresh appearance that can be made more characterful with photos and your favourite furniture, at the outset, new build gardens can initially display a dull and fairly boring feel.

The key is though not to rush into trying the make your new build garden more interesting, instead consider what you want from your garden and find out more about it before making any significant changes.

Take a look at the transformation we made to this new-build in Bromley below!

Before…                                                                 After…

before after

What to consider when deciding on the garden design of your new build garden

Before we hit you with our top 10 new build garden ideas, we’ll outline some of the key factors to consider when planning your new build garden.

Assess your garden site

Think about what type of garden you want and what features you would like to keep the same in your new build garden.

For example, you may want to keep a large hardy lawn if you have a family and you would like a play area constructed in the centre of the garden, you may wish to utilise a large muddy area for planting,  or you may designate a particular zone for a garden patio.

Check the state of the lawn

If you have a lawn that is poorly laid on unprepared soil, more often than not with builders’ rubble underneath, then you may be better off lifting it at this beginning stage and relaying it or replacing it with an alternative surface depending on your preferences.

Check the garden for areas of waterlogging

You may need to have drainage installed or alter the surface in any areas of the garden prone to waterlogging.

Double check the type of trees in the garden

Large trees should not be close to the building and should be removed as soon as possible. It is unlikely that there would be large trees planted in new build gardens, but if there are, just check with your local council that there are no Tree Preservation Orders in place.

Assess the soil in the garden

It may be that you need to purchase some top soil or compost if your new build garden soil is low in nutrients, this is particularly the case in new build gardens that you are hoping to cultivate with lots of bedding plants, shrubs and trees.

You will also need to know whether your soil is acid, alkaline or neutral as this will affect the type of plants you can have. Professional gardeners and garden planners can help if you are not sure of the type of soil you have.

Decide on which plants you would like to plant

When you have assessed the site of your garden, you’ll have a rough idea of the types of plants that will be suitable. You may require plants that thrive in well-drained soil, for example, or you may need more hardy shrubs if you have clay-like soil. You’ll of course need to plan roughly where you will plant them- shady areas will ultimately require different plants to fully sunlit zones of the garden.

Think about when you will be working on the garden

While you can work on your new-build garden at any point of the year, it is generally recommended to cultivate the soil in autumn/spring, and plant in the spring and/or autumn. It is best to stay off the soil in winter and when it is wet to avoid compaction.

Once you’ve considered the seven important points above, take a look at the following ten new build garden ideas for some new build garden design inspiration!

Our top 10 new build garden design ideas:

A variety of levels, characterised by pots, plants, patio and paving.                        

Camden1 After Copy

Forest Hill after Copy

Selsdon after Copy 

A family- orientated garden! For loads of fun and space for the children! 

family garden design

new playground garden

new playground garden design 

A formal, minimalist garden for a spacious, calm and neat appearance. 

contemporary with colour

Fulham after copy

fulham garden after image 

A garden that has a focal point patio, ideal for relaxing in and hosting dinner parties.


nice view seating

round seating

A wildflower garden, full of various plants, shrubs and trees for a beautiful natural look.


peeking through

orange flowers

A garden that features a garden room, or garden office.                                                                                

dollis hill

hornchurch after copy

finished garden in surbiton 

A modern garden, with various urban characteristics.         


dalston seating area

garden design london

A garden with a Japanese style or that features Japanese style furniture.

Spring flowers in the Asian Japanese garden with a pond

water garden design

hayes garden after

A practical garden for growing vegetables and composting.       

urban gardening

chipstead garden

elm park garden 

A garden with an interesting and elegant water feature.                 


caterham garden 2 after

uxbridge garden after copy

The ten new build garden designs above are simply ten different garden designs to get you thinking how best to use your garden space. Don’t forget: While you may feel fairly limited by the shape of your new build garden or perhaps held back by the state of the lawn or soil, it is possible to change from the outset.

Professional garden designers like Floral and Hardy can manage the project for you, while incorporating everything you want from your new build garden.

New build garden design from Floral and Hardy

If you require a professional design team for your new build garden in London or the surrounding area, we can help here at Floral and Hardy. Please contact us to find out more.


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