Our Top 6 Exclusive Long Narrow Garden Ideas Revealed

Here at Floral and Hardy, we come across many people that are convinced they will never get their dream garden for various reasons. These reasons can be because the garden is too small, too narrow or does not receive enough sunlight. However, Floral and Hardy are of the opinion that you should never lose faith when it comes to your garden design and we’re confident we can produce a dream garden for every client, no matter what the garden’s shape or size.

Long narrow gardens can be particularly problematic for our customers as they’re unable to see how they can fit everything they want into limited space.

Here at Floral and Hardy though, we’re experts in garden design and are not short of long thin, garden ideas.

Here’s our top 6 exclusive long narrow garden ideas:

1. Smokin’ in Wimbledon 

Fountain Ball Wimbledon          Center Garden Design Wimbledon           BBQ Garden Wimbledon

In this garden in Wimbledon, we created an angular design to give the illusion of more space. The design consists of squares and rectangles interlocked. You can see the flower bed, lawn and patio come together at angles.

To make the garden more practical, we installed an awning and, even more exciting, a bespoke smoke house! We made sure the awning was retractable to avoid any blocked lighting into the kitchen. The smoke house most definitely makes for the best BBQs ever. Jealous? We don’t blame you!

2. Sizzling in Selsdon 

Long Garden Design Selsdon          Kids Garden Design Selsdon            Garden Design Selsdon

This Selsdon garden has been designed to be family-friendly and match the development within the rest of the home.

We included a classic wooden playground for the children and the garden also features gorgeous lighting so the outdoor area can be enjoyed when the sun goes down.

3. Long Thin Suburban

Beckenham Garden Design          Center Beckenham-Garden Design            End Beckenham Garden Design

We transformed this suburban garden from a rectangular lawn into a family’s paradise. The brief instructed us to make sure there was space for the children to play, as well as a dining area near the house. The client also wanted a workshop at the end of the garden.

As you can see, we really made the most of the space in this garden and the outdoor space is anything but cramped.

4. Small But Perfectly Formed

small spiral garden           spiral garden design           Garden Plants Kent  

From an ugly patio and boring square lawn, we transformed this small garden into a wonderland!

The spiral patio makes the garden totally unique and, in our opinion, a little bit magical!

5. Garden Design Carshalton

Carshalton Garden Design           Carshalton Garden Plants           Testing the Lighting

We created this tranquil garden under the brief that it should be a relaxing space that is easy to maintain.

We included lots of evergreen shrubbery with a few colourful plants and stained the fence so it disappeared into the greenery. Good thinking!

6. Inside Out

Long Thin Garden Westerham          Westerham Thin Garden Design           Westerham Lighting Garden Design

This long thin garden is part of an eighteenth century cottage. Before our transformation, the garden could not be used easily, however we made it a space in which the owner could entertain guests on the weekends and relax in after a busy day. We like to think of the garden as an extra (outdoor) room of the house. A contemporary oasis. Perfect.

More long narrow garden ideas from Floral and Hardy 

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