Contemporary Garden

Contemporary design is not to be confused with modern, however, since modern is a style from the early twentieth century. Contemporary design is actually much more current, and features stylistic qualities of present day aesthetics.

Contemporary Characteristics

So what exactly are the characteristics of a contemporary garden? Do you think a contemporary garden design would suit your property? Contemporary garden designs are ideal for both small and large gardens. What’s more, they have a spacious, relaxed and dynamic appearance.

Clear, crisp, clean lines

As with contemporary interior design, in a contemporary garden, crisp and clean lines are a key feature.
A contemporary garden design opposes a wildlife-friendly garden in that the lines are cut-back, fresh and really work to open up the space. Other garden designs, like wildlife gardens, on the other hand, have a much more ‘wild’ look.
The clean lines in a contemporary garden give the design a flawless, elegant look, while ensuring a relaxed, open feel to the garden.

Considered use of space

The idea of a contemporary garden design is to create a spacious garden that provides the perfect place to relax from a busy, hectic lifestyle.

This means that space is well-considered and the garden is neither too crammed, nor too sparse. It is important that a contemporary garden is not cluttered. This is because clutter will change the style of the garden completely.

Natural materials

The materials present in a contemporary garden tend to be natural materials that have an elegant and timeless appeal. Some examples of materials used in contemporary gardens are stone, slate, softwood and hardwood.

At Floral and Hardy, we recommend that you buy environmentally-friendly garden furniture for your garden. Wood, for example, can be FSC-sourced to ensure that it is sustainable and high-quality.

Water Feature

Contemporary gardens tend to feature a subtle water feature to create reflection, movement or sound in the garden. What’s more, a water feature adds to the tranquillity of a contemporary garden, without appearing to fill up, or clutter, the space.

Architectural plants

Plants in a contemporary garden are often the opposite of wild. In a contemporary garden, you will often see trimmed hedges, potted plants, simple blocks of plants in flower beds and some individual, cut-back trees.

Contemporary garden designs from Floral and Hardy

At Floral and Hardy, we can design a contemporary garden that suits your unique requirements. If you would like to discuss a contemporary garden design with us, then call us on 0844 884 2425, and we can start your contemporary garden design project.
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