Contemporary & Modern Gardens

At Floral & Hardy, we offer a full service, hands-on garden design consultancy. We have years of experience in transforming gardens of all sizes into functional, beautiful spaces.  We love new challenges and while our portfolio boasts several styles of garden design, we’ve recently noticed a growing interest in our contemporary and modern garden design. Marked by simple colours and functional building materials, this style of garden is perfect for any green space, big or small.

Create Structure Through Plants

Modern gardens are all about crisp, clean geometric lines. While - of course - you can achieve this through building design and architecture, you can also achieve it through the organisation of plants and flowers. By using strong and stylized plants like bamboo, Buxus, needle grasses and Euphorbia, we’ve created neat, tidy gardens with a clear structure. We also use repeated patterns of trees and shrubs in regular intervals to create cohesive front and back gardens.

Experiment with Building Materials

Where textured woods and randomly placed stones are reminiscent of quaint cottage gardens, smooth finishes and muted colours represent the contemporary garden. Put simply: It’s the materials that are most important when striving for this streamlined look. For this detached home in Ruislip, we replaced a wooden deck with composite decking. It’s nearly indestructible, low-maintenance, and - most importantly - undeniably modern looking. We gave a garden in Uxbridge an urban chic makeover by tearing down their standard brick wall and instead putting up a rendered white garden wall. Clients looking for creative solutions to fencing should see the work we’ve done with red cedar battens and glass and mirrored balustrades. We’ve even created a beautiful privacy screen out of French Lavender for one of our city-dwelling clients.

New Age Water Features

It used to be that garden water features were limited to ornate cherub fountains. But, things have changed! Especially when creating modern outdoor spaces, our design experts are keen to experiment with new and exciting options. Because contemporary garden design involves clean lines, we’ve helped clients replace old fashioned fountains with glass or stainless steel water walls, for example. They add movement to any space without being an eyesore. Clients with a bit more space have opted for larger sphere fountains that act as a centerpiece in their garden. More and more we’re being asked to develop new and innovative solutions which has, for example, led us to create this bespoke ‘letterbox’ fountain. It’s sleek in design, small in size, and encourages relaxation like all water features should.

Garden Gadgets & Lighting

While the overall look of a contemporary garden is achieved through design, modern technology can help transform poorly utilised space into an outdoor living area, or even an outdoor cinema. For clients who like to entertain, we’ve installed remote-controlled sound systems, wood fired pizza ovens and even fully-equipped outdoor kitchens with stainless steel appliances. Even if you aren’t one to host parties, it’s still important that you’re able to use your outdoor space year-round. To ensure that our clients never have to say that it’s ‘Too cold to sit outside!’ we often install discreet, wall-mounted heaters. We can’t talk about gadgets and functionality without mentioning light fixtures. To create spaces that are versatile, we install multi-circuit, efficient, remote control LED lighting, the effects of which you can change with the mood and the seasons. We added unobtrusive inset light fittings to the walls and steps of this sloped garden in Forest Hill, effectively transforming it into a place reminiscent of Beverly Hills rather than south London! We’re also happy to discuss how multi-coloured and sequenced light displays can add touches of personality to your space.
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