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Looking for the BEST Contemporary Garden Images, Inspiration and Ideas?

Whether you are looking for some general inspiration or how to create a contemporary / modern garden on a budget or the kind of plants to incorporate then look no further!

There’s so much information out there it might be hard to nail down what truly constitutes a contemporary garden and how you can merge modern & contemporary garden styles together.

Whether you are looking to transform a front garden or a back garden our gallery should give you some fantastic inspiration.

How can we help?

Here at Floral and Hardy we love to work on all different kinds of garden designs from cottage gardens and urban spaces to Mediterranean retreats, but our contemporary garden design service is always hugely popular. Designing your garden in a contemporary style opens up so many options for additional features and clever touches. How about a privacy screen made from French Lavender or beautifully trimmed bushes sat in LED planters? Or perhaps you would like to incorporate a waterfall feature falling into a lit pool so that you can sit outside and listen to the instantly relaxing sound.

Floral and Hardy have included water features in the past that have been positioned along with contemporary styled bamboo so that the sounds of the running water and the wind through the bamboos have helped to disguise the noise from the roads. We have also designed and installed tranquil seating areas surrounded by beautiful planting alongside a contemporary styled outdoor pizza oven.

Floral and Hardy have provided families with some fabulous contemporary gardens with small children in mind. These have involved clever and discreet toy storage, sunken trampolines and an eco-friendly hobbit house covered with exterior turf and silver birch all topped off with a skylight roof.

Contemporary – Vegetable Beds

A neatly tendered raised vegetable bed would not look out of place in a contemporary garden. We have installed some flourishing vegetable gardens in the tiniest of spaces in the heart of the London, still with the desired contemporary finish.

Contemporary – Geometrics

Crisp, clean and geometric lines often form the basis of a contemporary garden, with no clutter or untidiness. They require plants that fit with a strong architecturally driven style such as Bamboo, Buxus, Grasses and Euphorbia.

Modern – LED Lighting

Cool lighting can completely transform a garden and instantly modernise it. A smart use of lighting can make a garden a lovely place to sit on a summers evening but also make it easily accessible in the winter months. We have often installed different circuits to the lighting in order to achieve a more subtle feel according to the mood and the seasons. The wireless remote, enabling you to manage it all from wherever you may be.

We’ve helped integrate contemporary garden design into listed property gardens, estate gardens, roof gardens and even minimalist gardens.

If you would like to transform your garden into a stylish, contemporary haven, or perhaps just modernise and tweak your existing garden, then simply call us on 0845 603 2598 and one of our team will be delighted to help you. Alternatively if you are looking for Contemporary Garden Design London we can help with that too.

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