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Patio designs are perfect as a zone in a larger garden, or as the entire outdoor space in smaller areas.

The right patio designs can make a big difference to the overall look of your garden as they have many practical uses, from dining to relaxing. Patios with lighting, topiary and pleasing deck staining can also have a pleasant aesthetic appeal.

At Floral & Hardy, we can create a wide range of interesting patio designs that will help shape your garden and turn into a more practical, usable space.

Whether you are looking for Courtyard Garden Ideas of Garden Patio Ideas we hope you can gleam some inspiration from our gallery.


What is a courtyard garden?

A courtyard garden is a patio space that has walls on at least three sides, with the fourth usually leading into the home. 

This enclosed space often has a gravel or paved flooring as opposed to grass, and many feature decks or patios with al fresco dining space, along with other items of interest like wood-burning pizza ovens, fire pits or even hot tubs. Courtyard gardens became popular throughout Europe in the 17th century, and remain so to this day. The seclusion afforded by the towering walls creates a great sense of privacy, which can be especially valuable in a London garden design for a home in closely built-up neighborhoods.  

Why add a patio?

A patio or “Veranda” can be an interesting focal point in your garden, and has all sorts of uses.

A wooden deck or stone patio can help separate the garden into different zones, which can be especially beneficial in gardens used by children or frequented by grandchildren. You might want to create an area for outdoor dining, perhaps with a built-in barbecue, or you may want a patio in the sunniest spot of your garden so you can lie back and get a suntan. Some gardens have patios that are used like an outdoor living room with patio heaters for the colder months, or patios that are outdoor play areas for kids. An entrance courtyard patio garden can make a particularly striking addition to a property. We can create spaces that make a warm and inviting first impression, bolstering the kerb appeal of your home. Courtyard spaces can make an attractive addition to a back garden, too. Whether large or small, patios can make a striking impression whilst providing plenty of practical space to enjoy al fresco dining, or a quiet moment or two in the nice weather.

At Floral & Hardy, we can create beautiful spaces that encompass not just paving, but also planted foliage and hanging baskets to create a beautiful and enjoyable space. We can also make use of lighting and water features to really set your courtyard apart. Differing levels can add intrigue and style, while level flat spaces are simple yet effective for homes with children or in which accessibility is a concern. If you are connecting your patio space to a lawn, we will take this into consideration during the initial design phase to ensure the match is seamless.

How to enhance a courtyard

It could be the case that you already have a courtyard garden of sorts, but want some expert help when it comes to making the most of it.  

One of our Floral & Hardy garden designers will be more than happy to help you rejuvenate outdoor space by adding finishing touches. For example, as the enclosing walls play such a prominent part in the design of a courtyard, this is a great place to start. You could consider repainting, adding trellises or hanging baskets, or installing garden-safe artwork that can create an inviting ambience. Lighting of course plays a huge part in the feel of the courtyard, especially if you plan to use it for entertaining. Spot and under-lighting can have a pleasing effect, as can wall-mounted garden lanterns.

Water features such as fountains can help to break up the space, and there are plenty available in both ornate and contemporary designs to suit your garden’s style. Planters, shrubbery and topiary of course helps the space to feel more homely, whilst keeping the greenery to a minimum is a great idea in a contemporary, minimalist setting.

Patio courtyard materials

Patios can be made out of a number of different materials, and simply changing your patio tiles can make a big difference. Some options you could look at include:

  • Quartzite – For a warm, natural look to brighten up your garden.
  • Slate – Suitable for contemporary and classic gardens with a dark grey tone.
  • White Sandstone – A classic colour, sandstone provides a chic, natural look, the neutral tone of which works well to let other features take pride of placement.
  • Concrete – For a slightly different look,concrete can be used in place of paving stones.

Our experts can come up with a number of different patio courtyard design ideas, tailored to the specifics of the space we are working with. It may be that you have a large garden of which the patio courtyard will act as a focal point, or that you have limited space and plan to transform this underused space into a courtyard. Whatever the case, we’ll carry out a thorough site inspection to ensure all plans are feasible, and will get to work making suggestions on paving, planting patterns, furniture, lighting and water installations, and much more.

We have created a number of different courtyard garden designs even in small gardens, and so we are best placed to help you transform your outdoor space into something you’ll truly love.  

Ready to design your courtyard patio garden?  

No matter if you have a classic square garden courtyard or the space is oval, rectangular or geometric, when you place your patio garden design in the hands of  Floral & Hardy, you can be sure that you are choosing the very best garden design experts.

Drawing on several years of experience, we can help you achieve the finish of your dreams, whether that’s a small and intimate space, an inviting front entry courtyard, or a fun and functional patio in the back yard. To find out more, click here to contact us today.

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