Personalised Garden Design Plans

Our personalised garden plans really bring out the spectacular in your garden. Your personalised garden plan will begin with a relaxed visit to your garden, where one of our London landscapers will discuss all of your requirements in detail.

Professional Garden Designers

At Floral & Hardy, our personalised garden plans really bring out the spectacular in your garden.Our professional garden designers take a bespoke approach to each and every design, utilising your space and tastes to create something that will match your style. It may be that you favour something formal featuring manicured lawns, neat rectangular borders, and grandiose water features. Or perhaps you’d like a garden that is full to the brim with cottage garden plants and charming accessories? When you sit down with a Floral & Hardy Garden Designer, your personalised and totally tailored garden plans will be created with your tastes in mind. We hand-draw all of our plans from scratch, so you can be sure that we design no two gardens alike. Anything we develop for you will be highly personalised, featuring all of your garden design ideas along with a few of our own suggestions on how to really make the most of your outside space.

Why choose our garden designers?

At Floral & Hardy, every step of our garden design service is centered around taking a personalised approach.From the initial site survey to the hand-drawn plans, building, planting, and final finishing touches, our own personal garden designers in London will be on hand to help. Often, we can arrange you to have a sole point of contact throughout to give you a high level of hands-on service. Our personalised garden plans can include as much or as little as you require, whether you need a simple planting plan or require a completely fresh landscaped garden.Your personalised garden plan will begin with a relaxed visit to your garden, where one of our London landscapers will discuss all of your requirements in detail. We will determine the desired uses and functions of the garden, your current likes and dislikes, and the geographical element of the garden. Then, we can start looking at details, such as the type of soil in which the plants will thrive and seasonal plans for planting. All of this will be incorporated into your garden design, which will be beautifully hand drawn, encompassing all measurements and scales. In line with this, we will put together a plan that includes strategies for planting and any construction, the installation of water features and lighting, and guidelines for any other elements and special features that we will be incorporating.In some cases, our clients already have a structurally sound garden that is well designed but may have some gaps in the planting structure, or a lawn that’s looking lacklustre, fatigued and worn. In addition to doing a from-scratch design, we can also work with existing spaces to reinvigorate your garden into a place you can love once more.

Types of garden design

Our years of expertise alongside our vision and passion for creating usable, beautiful spaces enables us to develop a number of different types of garden.Our horticultural knowledge makes us well placed to come up with a number of ideas for strong and unique planting designs that maximise the impact of colour and flare. We work not only with your garden in mind, but also the connection it has to the rest of your property, to ensure that your indoor and outdoor space work together completely harmoniously.Often there is just the need to work with what you currently have in your garden. We can advise on the best ways to improve and fine-tune by re-planting flowers and plants, designing new containers and window boxes, freshening up old garden furniture and sheds, adding beautiful new accessories or just adding new coverings and cushions to your existing garden seating area.In other cases, a complete redesign and overhaul is needed. It’s in these cases that we develop a number of different garden design ideas:
  • Traditional English gardens
  • Modern, contemporary spaces
  • Vegetable and herb gardens
  • Simple garden design
  • Mediterranean-inspired spaces
  • Colonial
  • Japanese gardens
  • Chic city
Because we provide a personalised service, we’ll take into account a number of factors to ensure the space is usable and easy to maintain beyond the design and build. For example, we’ll ask questions about how much time you’d like to spend in it, whether the space is for entertaining, play or relaxing, and how much upkeep you’d like from your garden. If you’re green-fingered, we can help you create a gardener’s paradise filled with beautifully planted shrubs, flowers and trees that will keep you busy. For something more low maintenance, we may create a simple garden design and reduce the size of planted areas, favouring instead paving and lighting that can be just as enjoyable.

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With our services, you can be sure of a professional, personal level of service to ensure your standards are met.At Floral & Hardy, we have built and designed a huge variety of garden features, from Hobbit houses and hidden trampolines to lighting systems that change with the seasons. We work to serve much more than your garden - our design of your outdoor space will be done in a way which will showcase your entire home, adding not just aesthetic value but also monetary value. If you would like to discuss a personalised garden plan for your garden, simply call one of our lovely team on 0845 603 2598 and we will be delighted to help.
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