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29 Sep

Vertical Planting

Different ways of making use of space that might not be immediately obvious to use as planting space.

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09 Mar

Pool Party by Luxury Garden Designers

Pool Party by Luxury Garden Designers As luxury garden designers, we are becoming conscious of an increasing popularity in swimming pools and other water...

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19 Dec

Sights Aglow in September

A list of five gardens for you to visit during the autumn

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Fulham Garden Designer
12 Jan

Events for your gardening calendar

We will do our best to get out and about to see some of these fantastic shows and fairs but as we get busier...

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20 Dec

Trees for Small Gardens

Five trees that would be suitable for growing in a small garden

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19 Dec

The RHS Goes to Cardiff

. The Cardiff Flower Show is as much a celebration of the beginning of spring as it is of the advancements in horticulture and...

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