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An urban garden that is lacking in inspiration, there are a number of things you can add to give the space a makeover, regardless of size. You may want to add something like some spotlighting or a sound system, or go all out with the addition of furniture, paving and planters. Here, we take a look at five ideas that can give your city garden an instant injection of style and sophistication…

Free up floorspace

If you are working with a small urban garden, you may wish to utilize all the available square footage by removing planting and other items from the floor, and making better use of your walls. You can grow plants in windowsill planters or hanging baskets or even create a living wall, meaning your surroundings are enjoyable and all the floor space can be paved, decked or turfed over to allow you to input some seating.

 Work with your walls

If you are one of many people who have a small courtyard garden, why not experiment with ways to spice up these outside walls? Recent studies have shown that in London, nearly one in four people with a garden devote some of that outside space to growing their own produce. Should you fancy turning your hand at this so-called “urban farming”, you can invest in some decorative planters to put the fruits of your labour on fashionable display. If that’s not your thing, why not create some decorations using birdcages, shelving, or even picture frames? You can create a vintage-inspired look by power washing the walls to expose any underlying brick, or you can paint in vibrant colours to go for something eclectic and exciting.

Why not try a water feature? 

An easy way to add a touch of style to an urban garden, a water feature such as a mini fountain, pond or statue can add some serenity whilst acting as a focal point for your exterior decor.   Water features are a great addition to your garden, but they can be hard to install. Every water feature brings a minimalist garden into a full feature, which makes an impression.

Super seating

Whether you plan to use your outdoor space to entertain or as a haven in which to unwind, having some seating in place is key. You may want to opt for a patio set if there is the space, or if yours is a particularly small garden, you may wish to add a bench to the walls to create some limited seating. Fancy something a little more modern? You can use some oversized bean bags for seating, which work particularly well on artificial grass.

Fire pit

A small fire pit is a great way to bring people together during social evenings outside, and whether it’s in use or not, a stylish design will always capture attention. There are many small bowl-shaped and square spaces that are designed especially for use in small spaces, but before installing, make sure you check laws outlined by your local council to ensure you are doing so safely.

Add Plant Life

You might live in an urban setting, but that doesn't mean we can't create some fantastic views for you to enjoy. Plants immediately brighten up an outdoor space, but to give you more living space, we can use wooden planters and container boxes. There are plenty of plants that grow in shady conditions, and our specialists are only too happy to help you find plants that grow all year.

Why Choose Floral & Hardy?

Floral & Hardy is one of the UK's premier landscaping companies and we work throughout London to turn urban spaces into lush, green gardens. Whether you're in the south, west or other areas of London, it's difficult to find ways to enjoy nature. While many believe that it's difficult to introduce plant life in an urban garden, we know better. Landscape design involves adding small details to an outdoor space to create a stunning garden that you can enjoy all summer. The biggest problem is, few people know how to incorporate greenery into urban environments. At Floral & Hardy, we know how important it is to use every single bit of available space to create the best garden design, but there are many other reasons why you should choose us.

We Have Years of First Class Landscaping Experience

We've mowed a few lawns in our time, and Floral & Hardy was built on experience and expertise. While many gardening companies claim they're landscape specialists, that's usually not the case. Our team specialises in drawing and implementing stunning gardens. No job is too big or small, and we're proud of the diverse portfolio we've accumulated throughout the years. Please feel free to view our website gallery, which features most of our projects.

We Know How to Work With a City Garden

It can be challenging to design the right garden plan in an urban setting, because large buildings often create shadows over your outdoor area. For many people, this makes it difficult to add greenery to their outdoor space - but we use a range of techniques to make the most of your garden. We often find useful solutions, such as using a box to plant seeds, because the added elevation means your plants can reach the sunlight. Whether it's adding wooden planters or creating a Japanese theme, we know how to work with a city garden.

We'll Always Go The Extra Mile

There's nothing better than relaxing in the garden with a cold drink after a stressful day at work. But many people don't get to enjoy that. Our team of landscape designers believe that any outdoor area can become a haven - even a small patio. We'll always work with you to design the right layout and come up with a colour scheme that will open up space, rather than close it. Our team has worked with many urban designs before and recommended a range of different plants that suit shady gardens. Whether you want a high-end garden design or a rustic, urban escape we can help you to achieve your vision.

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For more urban gardening ideas, visit our portfolio to get some inspiration!
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When Choosing a professional garden designer it's important to ensure that you are talking to someone who understands your needs and ideas and someone who will provide you with the best possible design for your space.
Fill out this form and one of our professionals will be in touch as soon as possible. Fields marked with a * are required

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