Another finished masterpiece by our team of garden designers! Take a look through the images to see some before shots as well as plenty of photos of the finished article.


The garden is built into a slope and has a grassed bank to the rear boundary for much of its length. There was a flatter area of lawn at the base of this and the land was then retained by a brick and flint wall which almost surrounds two sides of the house.
Paving wrapped around the house culminating in a square-ish patio area outside the kitchen doors. The lawn in this area was not flat and sloped down to the fence shared with a neighbour. To the end of the garden there was a shed and a composting area. There was little planting in the garden with the exception of a couple of mature trees and some Box hedging.


The topography of the garden made this a challenging project, but we used some of it to our advantage.
To remove the bank at the rear would have proved both tricky and very expensive, so we created a low maintenance solution by transforming it into a flowering meadow bank. This will only need cutting once a year and will look beautiful all summer.
Outside the kitchen doors, we replaced the patio area with a deck. The built-in seating has composite timber tops to complement the deck and act as useful storage beneath, for small items and garden toys. Plenty of cushions have made this a really comfortable place to sit and relax.
To continue the contemporary theme, we created a broadly linear design for the garden, consisting of a series of interlocking squares and rectangles formed of the deck, lawn and the planting beds to add interest to the space and to disguise the boundaries of the plot.
We then created through pergola in the garden and creating a good divider between this ‘working’area and the ornamental areas nearer to the house.
Lighting added an exciting dimension to the garden, making it not only use able on summer evenings, but also visually accessible in the winter months. With inset lighting to the deck, retaining walls and bench seat bases, down-lighting to the pergola and up-lighting to trees, focal points and structural planting, the effects can be dramatic.
Heating too will make this a year-round garden, not only the chiminea and fire pit, but also wall-mounted halogen heaters which are instant and practical sources of heat, without posing a threat to toddlers!
The new planting scheme is low maintenance, as there isn’t have much spare time. It also is non-toxic and child-friendly, so there are no thorns or irritant sap, and are also fairly robust to cope with children’s games.

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