This is the rectangular garden to a detached home in Ruislip


Our client envisaged transforming their garden from its old form into a revitalised and beautifully contemporary space. Their wish was to see a garden that delivered a fresh and balanced design style that reflected their personal tastes.

The garden was to be transformed from its original style into a more complete space, one that could be used almost as an extension to the house, creating more of an ‘outdoor room’. The garden was to cater for the owners’ love of outdoor living, entertaining friends and simply relaxing, whilst remaining a low maintenance space, allowing the garden to be enjoyed all year round.


We replaced the large original deck with a new composite decking that extends out from the house; making this area a landing space from the kitchen. This area is large enough to congregate on and sit down to eat with a freestanding table and chairs.

The use of raised beds provides a contemporary structure to the garden as well as being the perfect place to grow herbs for cooking.

As outdoor living and making the most of the sunshine is important to our clients, ensuring that the garden has dual seating options was of upmost importance. The first seating area, being the decking next to the house will maximise the sunshine across the morning. The sun moves to the back corner of the garden later in the afternoon/evening, so creating a second seating and entertaining space was an important feature to the design. We created raised beds that have a built in bench to provide year round immediate seating. This space is large enough to be able to move a table and chairs into it to create an evening dining area; this area is also where the BBQ is based so that it can be an all round entertaining space.

We removed a large willow tree that dominated the end of the garden as it blocked out the evening sun and dropped its many leaves requiring a high level of maintenance! This opened up the end of the garden but exposed the garden to the neighbouring properties so we planted pleached photinia trees to retain the privacy required. As well as providing a more contemporary back drop to the garden the photinia trees are evergreen and low maintenance.

The inclusion of water was an element that was important in the garden. The sound of water is a sensory feature that can be subtly included into the garden in a clean contemporary fashion.

When looking down the garden the left hand side currently had no usage to it, so to bring a sense of purpose, through function and aesthetic back to this part of the garden we created a journey through the garden that includes this part of the space. This creates additional seating and locating the new storage/green house into this corner provides a means of reintroducing this portion of the garden.

Contemporary timber artwork is used to provide additional visual interest as well as to help define shapes and add real personality and flair to the garden.

In terms of planting, our clients expressed a desire for a fresh, lush and bold scheme of fairly low maintenance planting that would look attractive throughout the year whilst still including some seasonal variation and interest, that would allow them to potter and get involved with small pleasurable gardening tasks.

A selection of evergreen and architectural species of plants provides the main structure, whilst a mix of grasses and a select palette of perennials provide spikes of colour to display a variety of interest throughout the year.

The planting is important, and compliments and balances the clean hard landscaping.

Lighting adds an exciting dimension to the whole garden, making it not only usable on summer evenings, but also visually accessible in winter months.

Inset lighting to the paving, raised bed wall lights and up lighting to the structural planting, artwork and water feature creates brilliant effects. However, with the use of different circuits, a subtler feel can be achieved, according to the mood and occasion.

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