Our clients had a small garden to their house in Barnes. The full details of this courtyard garden design can be found below.


Our clients had a barren, and rather awkwardly shaped, courtyard garden with a narrow side return. They wanted to turn it into a practical entertaining space, but with scope for their children to play as well.

They have fond memories of holidays in the south of France and wanted to re-create something of a rustic French feel, using materials to suit the age of their property.


To disguise the awkward angles to the boundaries of the plot, we designed curving raised beds built in the same soft, multi-toned brick as the house and filled with lush, country-style planting. A pretty, relaxing scheme was achieved using only a limited palette of whites and mauves, and green and silver foliage, and incorporating touches of formality with Box topiary.

An intimate seating area was created by constructing a built-in hardwood timber seat with useful storage underneath and by adding a shade sail above to provide privacy from neighbouring windows.

The small space was made to appear larger by adding a mirror set behind a metal-work gate in the opposite corner of the courtyard, giving the illusion of another mysterious garden beyond.

The side return was put to good use as an area for the children with artificial turf as a practical alternative to the real thing in such a small and shady spot.

The children are also delighted with the water feature which sends an adjustable jet of sparkling water up through a grate in the paving. They are convinced that there is a fairy in their garden when the blue light illuminates the water at night – and who are we to argue?

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