This sunken treasure in Peckham is finished! Take a look at the mini paradise we have created in South London!

Before we started…

This was a rather unusual, basement front garden to a new home in a residential street of older properties in south London. The garden space is approached via stairs down from the pavement. The garden is mainly on one level although there is a step up to the front door and to the stairs.

The finished article…

The property has a contemporary feel, both inside and out, so the transformation of the garden followed that theme. We aimed for a modern, but understated design which makes the most of the available space and gives the client somewhere to relax and entertain in comfort.
Part of that comfort came from providing the client with some privacy, both from neighbouring properties and from passers by on the pavement above.
We mounted a ‘living wall’ of planting on the left hand, shadier wall of the garden for the this purpose, as well as providing a gorgeous focal point from inside the dining room too. Privacy has also been achieved through the shade sails which have a light, contemporary feel and which also give a wonderful tent-like effect when up-lit at night.
To create some interest for the decking we used a composite decking at threshold level outside the dining room doors. This not only creates a better flow inside to out, but is also warmer under foot than paving.
The raised beds we built continue to add new dimensions and intrigue to the space, we added in a mixture of foliage but also left space for the client to plant their own choice of salads and vegetables.

We also added in an automated irrigation system which will not only cut down on maintenance, but also protect the garden from drought when the client is away from home. Whilst on the subject of water we added in a water feature to the garden which provides a restful, calming sound, which will also help to distract from any traffic noise. It also looks stunning when up-lit at night, if we do say so ourselves.

The mirrors we added do the same thing and also give the illusion of more space and even another garden somewhere beyond!

The lighting we added gives an exciting dimension to the garden, making it not only safe and use able on summer evenings, but also visually accessible in the winter months. With inset lighting to the deck and built-in seating, and up-lighting to the shade sails, water feature and structural planting, the effects can be dramatic.

The lighting, the deck, the seating, the canopy effect of the shade sails – will give the feeling of another room being added to the property, even if it is outdoors!

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