This garden in Greenwich was typical of many Victorian properties in the area.


This garden was on two levels with a small well area outside the basement kitchen with steps leading to an upper level with an uninspiring lawn and a large tree in one corner which shaded much of the garden.

The view from the kitchen/diner was dominated by the dark slate covered raised bed which retained the upper level. The garden was neither practical to use, nor, with two sets of steep steps, safe to play in for our clients’ young daughter.


To allow more light into the kitchen and to provide a useable space for outdoor dining, the well area was extended outwards by some 3.5 metres. Bi-fold doors were also added and the contemporary feel of the interiors was continued outside with the use of painted rendered walls, glass and steel balustrades, and beautiful natural sandstone.

A simple, and safe, water feature was also constructed to add the pleasing dimension of sound.

The upper garden reflects more the age of the property itself and was given a circular theme, with lawn to play on and raised beds for ease of maintenance.

The lower set of steps having been made safe with balustrades, the flight leading up to the study were also improved, by introducing a curve to allow for more, and shallower steps, and with a traditionally styled metal handrail.

More light was introduced to the garden by pruning back the large tree by a third, and soft planting in pastel colours completed the picture.

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