This is the sloping garden to a new build property in a quiet, gated estate in Frimley, Surrey.


The garden was originally laid to lawn but as it was not properly retained, a great deal of soil was washed away and it was therefore in poor condition as well as being very uneven.

As often happens with new build properties, a great deal of attention was paid to the interiors, but little was paid to the external areas. The owners therefore wanted to create a stunning outside space with a real ‘wow factor’, which lives up to the quality internal finishes and also reflects their personality and style.

They wanted a contemporary design to complement their internal decor, but also wanted to keep it fairly simple. The different levels were difficult to access from one to the other and this was a problem that needed to be overcome.


Our clients intended to change the kitchen window to patio doors so wanted this to lead onto a paved seating area large enough to accommodate a table and chairs for  6 – 8 people.

There needed to be steps to lead up to the higher part of the garden where we also built a good sized patio area. For flexibility, both paved areas are large enough to use a small free-standing barbecue.

The paving in both areas is light in colour with a smooth, sawn finish laid in a linear pattern to enhance the contemporary feel of the garden. In fact the owners wanted a linear design for the whole garden, rather than curvy, for the same reason.

We replaced the black railings on top of the retaining wall with glass balustrade to give a more modern feel and included a 6 – 8 person hot tub that can be seen from the rear patio doors.

The low maintenance planting scheme provides year-round interest, including a mix of evergreen and deciduous plants, and contrast from foliage, and flower, form and hue.

Favourite colours included blues, pinks, purples and whites, and we included some perfume too. There are some herbs growing near to the kitchen and some planting that disguises the rather dominant boundary fences. We improved the planting in the ‘wildlife’ area and put in a low store for the mower and other gardening tools.

We put in some pleached trees along the fence line to provide some privacy from the properties behind the garden and as there were two dogs in the house, all planting needed to be non-toxic.

Lighting adds an exciting dimension to the garden, making it not only useable on summer evenings, but also visually accessible in the winter months. With inset lighting to the patio areas, steps, retaining walls and up-lighting to the water feature and structural planting, the effects can be dramatic. However, with the use of different circuits, a more subtle feel can be achieved, according to the mood and occasion.

Many thanks for helping create the gorgeous garden . The plants are growing already and I spend a lot of time pottering …..

I hope you will come back and see how it is maturing next year .

I would  like to take this opportunity to say how good Richie and his team are. They are most polite and take pride in their work. They are always willing to answer questions and consult me if they need “to tweak the design slightly”. I feel very confident leaving the key with Richie.

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