These were the mature gardens surrounding a large detached property situated in the quiet, semi-rural location in Surrey. The full details of this large garden design can be found below.


The front garden had a curving gravel drive and to one side of the house was a large pond with mature planting. To the other was a small lawned area that was largely unused.

The rear garden was broadly triangular. The whole plot was surrounded by large trees and hedging and there was little colour in the garden. Our clients wanted to create a traditional country-style garden with lots of colour and traditional features. They are keen gardeners and also wanted a space for growing vegetables and fruit.


The pond was a fantastic asset but couldn’t be seen from the existing patio, so a new, much larger patio was constructed in beautiful antique limestone, wrapping around the house to take in this view and to give more room for entertaining. The pond was re-constructed with the addition of a large, cascading waterfall, bog gardens and much more interesting planting. A rustic boardwalk and jetty was also added to provide somewhere to sit and watch the wildlife.

Small gaps were left in the paving for herbs and other creeping plants to release their scents when stepped upon.

The front drive was widened and extended to the side so that cars no longer had to park in front of the house and touches of formality provided with box spheres and standard Bays in terracotta pots.

The unused, and very shady, area to the side of the house, and overlooked from the dining room, was brought to life with a selection of white flowering plants and white gravel, which will really stand out in low evening light. (A piece of statuary is yet to be selected to stand inside the box circle).

For the rest of the planting scheme, traditional cottage garden plants were selected, including Alchemilla, Aquilegia, Delphiniums, Geraniums and Peonies, along with shrubs such as Hebes, Hydrangeas, Potentillas and Spiraeas, ensuring colour and interest throughout the seasons.

Traditional metalwork and timber tree seats and benches along with large sweeping lawns complete the picture.

Finally, the view from the arched window looking out from the breakfast room was improved by mounting a mirror so as to reflect the views out across the garden.

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