This was a newly built, Tudor-style, detached property in Chipstead with an awkward, triangular plot.


Typical of many new builds, the bland landscaping to this Tudor-style, detached property came nowhere near the quality of the interior finishes and our clients wanted to reflect the internal ‘wow factor’ in their outside space as well.

The plot was broadly triangular, which has its own design challenges, and our clients wanted a strong scheme with a contemporary edge to complement their interior furnishings and to provide interest throughout the year.


To disguise the rather awkward shape of the garden, and taking our lead from the existing curved patio, a striking theme of interlocking circles was designed to provide form and appeal in all seasons.

Some of the slope was taken out of the lawns by building a retaining wall around the existing patio, creating a real feeling of intimacy in the dining area, and brick mowing edges to the lawns make maintenance easy.

A second paved area was constructed at the rear of the garden to create a more informal, ‘chill-out zone’ – a place to read or just relax in the shade.

As much of the garden is overhung by trees, planting includes many shade lovers such as colourful Rhododendrons and Camellias, as well as foliage plants such as Japanese Acers, Phormiums and Fatsias. In areas that receive sun, bold specimens such as Cupressus and Box spirals add structure to the planting.

Finally, contemporary-style pots and fabulous, rainbow sandstone spheres were added as eye-catching focal points.

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