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The owners of this suburban home in Hayes Village, Kent wanted a complete change from their cottage style garden.


The owners of this suburban home wanted a complete change from their cottage style garden. The garden had previously been designed with a series of ‘rooms’ to disguise the length and narrowness of the plot. Pergolas and trellis provided the divisions and climbers and cottage style plants predominated.

However, the house interiors had recently been refurbished to a contemporary finish and they no longer felt the garden suited their lifestyle.


As part of the house refurbishment, bi-fold doors had been put in right across the back of the house and it was felt that the whole garden should be opened up in a similar way.

Therefore the old divisions were removed and decking laid across much of the garden to provide an easy to use entertaining space.

The deck was brought up to threshold level to provide flow inside to outside, especially when the doors are fully open.

The new planting scheme is bold, colourful and lush, including Tree Ferns (Dicksonia antarctica), Bananas (Musa basjoo) and Fatsia japonica, to give the tropical feel the owners wanted.

Lighting in the garden gives a dramatic effect at night and adds to the feeling of a tropical night.

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