The family of six lived in a new build within a busy development. Overlooked by multiple houses, overgrown with bamboo and cheap planting, and an awkward triangular shape, the family were perplexed as to what they could do. All they wanted was a space that all the family could enjoy, be proud of and have the chance to invite friends and family over. They wanted a modern style and with three seating areas. As you step out into the garden, you’re greeted by a large patio, raised bed and floating bench. Here the family can place a table and create a dining area that can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Close by is a tall water feature, created so that it can be seen anywhere in the garden. A zig zag path then connects the front of the garden through to the back. In the middle, there’s a decking to provide an additional seating area, whilst at the back, there’s a sunken pergola area for those late nights entertaining. Planting was architectural, evergreen and colourful to provide interest all year round as well as a low maintenance garden.

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