These are the front and rear gardens to a Collins property in Muswell Hill.

Rear Garden Solution

The original seating area was too small, so we extended it out further into the garden to create a more spacious entertaining area. New larger steps now lead from the back doors down onto a raised patio, which is paved in sandstone that extends across the back of the house.

We introduced built in seating and raised beds that not only retain the raised area but also provide fantastic year round seating opportunities. Redbrick was the best choice for the raised beds and benches as this is sympathetic to the design style of the house. Sandstone coping was added to the tops of the beds, which ties the material choices together nicely. The timber-topped benches provide additional storage space, which works well although these cannot be guaranteed to be fully weatherproof!

New steps were introduced from this seating area down to the rest of the garden. The bottom of the steps is the new area for the BBQ, which takes the place of the original greenhouse. This area also houses an old coalhouse, which we rejuvenated on both our clients’ and neighbours’ side; by replacing the roof and timber doors and making good the brickwork where needed.

Due to the rear garden’s aspect, the northeastern corner provided the perfect opportunity to introduce a secondary seating area in order to make the most of the sunshine. A ground level sandstone seating space makes the perfect spot in the garden to relax in the sun. By fully surrounding this space with new planting and including a timber pergola to train scented climbing plants, a beautiful ambience is created in this corner of the garden.

The introduction of this secondary seating space makes the inclusion of a stepping stone pathway a good idea in order to connect the two spaces.

As the garden backs onto the neighbouring golf course, it consequently provided the opportunity to make use of some existing unused space. By clearing away the brambles by a few meters, it provided an excellent location for a new simple timber shed which provides additional storage out of the main garden. New planting and a patch of lawn were added to this area to seamlessly tie it into the garden and the golf course’s land. By adding an archway to the front of this space, it creates an illusion of extra space, suggesting that the garden continues much further, as well as providing a definition to the true end of your garden.

The eastern boundary originally had mixed mature shrubs that our clients wanted to retain, to which we included additional perennial planting. Curved borders were added to the rest of the garden creating excellent space for mixed planting. The use of a brick edging clearly defines the shapes and borders and provides a low maintenance edging to the new lawn. The western boundary had a new fence constructed in the bottom half of the garden to match the one in the top half.

In terms of planting we created a fresh scheme of fairly low maintenance planting that will look attractive throughout the year plus we added some seasonal variation and interest. A selection of evergreen species and ornamental trees provide the height and structure, whilst perennials with tones of blue, purple, whites and shades of green provide a variety of interest.

Lighting adds an exciting dimension to the whole garden, making it not only useable on summer evenings, but also visually accessible in winter months. Inset lighting to the paving, wall lights and up lighting to the structural planting create brilliant effects. However, with the use of different circuits, a subtler feel can be achieved, according to the mood and occasion.

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