This was a small suburban garden in Bexley, Kent


In this small suburban garden our clients had made a start by having a small sunken patio built, but had then run out of ideas.

They wanted something quite contemporary and low maintenance, but also practical for their young children to use.


The existing rectangular patio gave us our lead for the design for the rest of the garden, and we decided to square off the rather awkwardly shaped plot  and divide it with a series of rectangles forming the lawn, play area, path and planting beds.

The slate paving used to the side of the house, and in a new additional seating area to the rear of the garden, was matched to the existing patio for continuity…

…but an exciting contrast was introduced by paving the path with dazzling blue glass. This surface has the advantage of being porous to allow rainwater through, thereby complying with SUDS (Sustainable Drainage Systems) and, because it uses recycled glass and a cold resin mix, it is also a sound, eco-friendly option.

Our clients were keen to use artificial turf as a play surface as, once laid, it involves virtually no maintenance, therefore no need for fuel guzzling lawn mowers, and of course – it means no mud in the house!

I think you’ll agree you can’t really see the difference from the real thing.

The children were also catered for with a sunken trampoline. Becoming very popular with a lot of our clients, sinking the trampoline means that it’s not only safer for your kids to use, but also not quite such a blot on the landscape!

The planting was contained in raised beds constructed with new oak sleepers which will, together with the new fences, slowly weather down over time to a soft, silvery grey, complementing the grey slate and blue path wonderfully.

Inset lighting gives the garden a new dimension at night, not only making it usable into the evenings, but when switched on in the winter, gives a pleasing aspect from the house.

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