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This was the bland outside space to a new semi-detached property in Bromley, with nothing but a lawn and a small area of uninteresting paving – typical of so many new builds.


Our client wanted an interesting, easy to look after patio garden with a traditional feel, but did not want a symmetrical design typical of many such schemes. She wanted something a bit ‘different’.


To make for easy maintenance, we constructed raised planting beds in soft red brick to complement the house, and teamed these with beautiful natural sandstone for the paving.

A circular theme helps to disguise the rather square, angular shape of the plot and the quirky, off-centre shape of the beds adds interest to the design.

There are two areas to sit… next to the house where there’s space for dining, and in the corner at the back, where there’s a little more shade in this sunny, south-facing garden.

A fountain makes a pretty focal point to the garden especially when seen through the archway from inside the house.

Finally, the rather stark new fences left by the developers and the new store at the end of the garden were softened by staining them dark green and planting climbers against them.

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