This was a substantial Georgian town house in Chelsea, which inside had been lovingly renovated to a very high standard.


This was a substantial Georgian town house which inside had been lovingly renovated to a very high standard.

Whilst small, the garden had much potential, although in its present state it was virtually unusable with access on to the main terrace only by stepping out on to a makeshift wooden step placed below the door opening.

A lower part of the garden was accessed via French doors opening almost directly on to a 6ft high wall. This made the room inside very dark and the space outside redundant.

Our clients wanted an elegant dining area making the best use of the space and in a style in keeping with the property and its interiors.


Our first challenge was the property itself. Access to the garden was through a recently fitted, and very expensive, basement kitchen.

In order to achieve the light and space required in the area immediately outside, the wall was taken back several feet and lowered.

This entailed substantial excavations and the manual removal of several tonnes of spoil through the immaculate kitchen and up to street level. This was all done without mishap and the result was a pleasant, and usable, breakfasting area with the addition of a lead water feature gently trickling away.

The upper terrace was transformed with a bespoke wrought iron staircase, styled to match a pair of antique seats bought by the client. The original old London flagstones were lifted and reused and complemented with Staffordshire Blue bricks, both in the paving and for the raised beds.

Traditional planting with Roses, clipped Box and Lavender add to the formal feel of the garden in keeping with the architecture of the house, whilst scent and sound soothe the senses and aid relaxation in a busy city location.

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