Site Analysis 

The site is a roof terrace to a top floor apartment in Portland Street, Central London. The roof terrace’s aspect is south-west facing, which means the terrace gets a decent amount of sun light. The terrace is currently laid with concrete grey paving slabs, with trellising at each end of the space, and a random selection of pots and planters. There is a grey steel balustrade along the boundary, with French sliding doors and windows looking out onto the rectangular space, which measures roughly 10 x 1.5 meters.


The client wanted us to transform the roof space from its previous disused form into a revitalized, beautiful and exciting roof garden, that creates a real ‘wow factor’ to their home creating a space that they will look forward to using. The new outdoor space was designed to cater for outdoor living/drinking, entertaining friends and simply relaxing. The roof terrace is a low maintenance outdoor space that can be both used and look fantastic all year round!

By framing each end of the terrace with green walls has created a wow factor and softness to the space without taking up precious floor space. The green walls have created a lush cosy feel to the seating area, which are positioned at the northern point of the terrace to make best use of the sunshine!

We have created a built in bench seat at this which has allowed for year round seating opportunities. Creating the bench out of the same decking material has created a subtlety to the design.

We also painted the outside of the flat, changing the colour from the existing light pink to a more fitting off white shade.  In terms of planting, the client expressed a desire for a fresh contemporary planting that will be low maintenance and that would look attractive throughout the whole year.

Planters have been used along the boundary of the roof garden which has created a strong contemporary look. A selection of evergreen and architectural species will provide the main structure, including some more tropical species, whilst a mix of grasses and a select palette of perennials will provide spikes of warm accented colour creating some additional interest across the year.   Lighting will have added an exciting dimension to the roof terrace, making it not only usable on summer evenings, but also visually accessible in winter months.

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