This was a family garden in Bromley that definitely needed a face-lift.


This was a family garden that definitely needed a face-lift. A large decked area had already been constructed next to the house, but then the owners had run out of ideas.

The family wanted a practical, but attractive garden for play and for entertaining. One important consideration was that the children wanted to include a trampoline.


Whilst fun, large trampolines can be a bit of an eyesore, so we decided to sink it down into the ground and also to terraform the earth into a mound all around it. This not only helped to conceal it, but also made it safer to use and provided a place for the children to sit whilst watching others doing the bouncing.

Large grasses were planted in front of the mound and, when these grow up, they will also help to make the trampoline ‘disappear’.

One of the old sheds at the bottom of the garden was taken away and in its place we constructed a deck area and pergola with scented climbers, giving our clients another place to sit and get a different view of the garden. The other existing shed was hidden by planting large bamboos.

The rest of the garden was given a pleasing curvy design to disguise the length of the garden, with a practical hoggin path leading the eye back and forth across the space.

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