This was the tiny courtyard garden to a basement flat in Pimlico, in central London.


This was the tiny courtyard garden to a basement flat in central London.

Our client wanted a practical space they could use to relax and entertain in, but the plot was divided awkwardly by a step making use of a table and chairs impossible. Tall planting, surrounding walls and buildings, and the use of dark decking also meant that it was a gloomy and uninviting space.


The first task was to level the garden to give a usable dining area and then a beautiful light-coloured natural sandstone was laid to an asymmetric design incorporating circles, making the narrow courtyard appear much wider.

Planting beds were created in the gaps left between the paving, so disguising the boundaries and plants were selected to cope with the extreme shady conditions.

A small bubble fountain added the pleasing sound of trickling water and this together with lighting turned what was a dark and unappealing space, into a bright and welcoming oasis for our client to enjoy.

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