This unbelievable family space in Surrey is now complete! Bounce your way through the photo’s to see what we did here…

Site Analysis:

This rear garden wraps around a substantial, modern, detached property.  The garden is accessed via bi-fold doors both from the kitchen and from the lounge as well as via a side gate from the front garden. The garden is on two levels, with softwood sleeper retaining walls and steps providing the transition. These walls and their supports were starting to rot away.



Our client asked us to create a garden which is both exciting to be in, but practical and safe for their children too.
We created a new seating area which will receive the evening sun. We also constructed a new patio towards the top, left-hand corner of the garden. This seating area was made to feel more intimate by partially surrounding it with raised planting beds.
A water feature was also placed here, so that it can be seen and heard both when using the patio and from the lounge area too.
To add balance to the design we created an alternative seating area to the other far corner of the garden. This would be a relaxing area with built-in seating, backed with raised planting beds, and a central, built-in fire pit. This will be a fun spot both for the children to toast marshmallows, and for the adults to relax with a glass of wine.
The client likes a cottagey-look, but it needed to be fairly low maintenance. A lot of interest can come from foliage form and colour too, with flowers providing the changing interest throughout the year.
For the children we created a play area to the northern side of the house. This incorporated the existing trampoline, but sunk into the ground so that it isn’t quite so obtrusive.
Lighting adds an exciting dimension to the garden, making it not only use able on summer evenings, but also visually accessible in the winter months. With practical lighting to steps, inset lighting to paving, raised beds and retaining walls and up-lighting to the water feature, the arbour and structural planting, the effects will be dramatic.

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