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What you can expect form our Putney garden design

Does planning a flowerbed frighten you? Would you like to install your own scenery in your own back garden but do not know where to begin? Give Floral and Hardy a call if you’re in the Putney area. We are based in Bromley and we can undertake a Putney garden design project or in Kent, London, Essex, Surrey, Hampshire and Sussex but often we travel much further afield in the UK. Our rich experience designing gardens of all types means we can bring lots of ideas and experience to your new garden.

Flowerbed Garden Design

There are as many methods to garden design as there are garden designers. Normally, designers being with the hardscape (pavements, decks, and pathways) because of their durableness, and then they insert the plants. However, another idea is to start with a list of plant life that are suitable for the area and then add the hardscape.

A top priority for any household garden design is to choose how the area will perform. Assign areas for playing, outdoor dining, a vegetable garden, or any other requirements of the residents. Also remember the light coverage, drainage, breeze, traffic flow or noise, and irrigation. This is where the headaches can start, but don’t worry, we are here to realise your dream so you can avoid the migraines and just get involved in the fun stuff.

One widespread mistake in garden design is to concentrate on the particulars far too soon. Consider the largest pieces and their location first, then add the less significant plants and objects later.

Remember to spend time determining the location of hardscape features and tree placement as these are the most costly items to change. Don’t go too hard on yourself with the plants though, as they can change, and will change in the following years. Moving plants around in your garden is encouraged.

Gardening always includes trial and error. The greatest gardens are a work in progress. Collecting information from neighbours and friends, with gardens you admire, is perhaps the most valuable resource of all. So if you’re already a little experience, you should have much better judgement on what you’d like us to do with your garden and give us your own ideas which we can incorporate into our expert designer’s proposals.

You may be wondering why we’re giving you all this information if we already know what we’re doing, but in reality we want to work alongside you to create your own wonderland where you can spend all day relaxing by yourself or perhaps entertaining guests.

Here at Floral & Hardy we are proud of our hand-drawn designs. Remember that the garden design is produced in partnership with you to create a garden that is unique to you.

We have been designing and building gardens for many years and the results are stunning, so give us a call now if you think you’re ready to have your garden transformed into a work of art that will last as long as you want.

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