Add a bit of Colour to Renovate Your Garden Design Focal Points

Some tips for a great new garden design eco-makeover

If you step into any fashionable bar, café sprawl or eatery that is visited by hipsters, clever uses of once-discarded objects can be seen nearly everywhere.

Increasingly, shrewd gardeners are turning to charity chops and discount stores to look for vintage discoveries of good build quality to create a low-cost knockout factor with a certain feel of style to go with it. But where do you begin with an eco-makeover for your lovely designed garden?

You can start by gathering old vegetable and wooden crates to create a mixed-height display. Many will adore the aged-distressed lumber but a solid coat of paint can add vitality and help brand them for your own garden design. Old folding chairs can be given a new lease of life, too, with a lick of bright wooden coloured paint and using also bright contrasting colours like Sandy shades. As an alternative, more subtle hues like nutty colours can help to create an impressive outdoor dining area and, if you’re astute with it, putting outdoor fairy lights will give you a lit effect.

Paving can be costly, but strong wooden pallets can offer a fashionable cheaper alternative. Just paint or stain the pallets and fill them in with gravel or recycled rubber fragments. Even old tyres can be hacked up to generate jazzy rubber tiles for strange, non-slip surfaces like you see in parks.

Focal areas or even peculiar plants of interest can be emphasised easily using decorated picture frames. This is a terrific way to add wittiness and also emphasise your favourite flowering plant in any given period throughout the year. If you desire something more lasting, use painted wooden frames to create a sophisticated wall space.

There are a lot of options when it comes to colour; you can paint all the main assets the same colour to complement or contrast with a painted wall, or choose a changeable shade for each.

Gardens designs such as this are getting more and more popular, and if you like the sound of designs such as this, or maybe you don’t and want something completely different, but don’t have time to it yourself, then we can help, and garden design Is our specialty.

At Floral & Hardy we are committed to providing you with the most beautiful landscape gardens, and our process is one of the ways that we set ourselves apart. Often you will have one or two people working on the job but we bring in all the appropriate experts at every stage of the landscape design, development and construction phase.

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