Gardening & Landscaping Services

Here at Floral and Hardy we offer a wide range of gardening & landscaping services including garden design and planning, garden drawings, contemporary, modern and traditional garden layouts, garden features and landscape gardening (design and build). Our core services include:

Garden Design and Styling

Floral and Hardy offer a comprehensive garden design and styling service to help you create a concept/plan for a new garden or for existing garden renovation. Our team of designers can help with new garden design, styling and feature integration/garden arrangement.

Personalised Garden Plans

Our garden designers prepare drawings and sketches which can help lead to the final process of landscape gardening (concept to creation). We produce beautiful, high quality drawings that can be used either as the final plan or for working towards a final signed off design.

Garden Planning

If you require help/assistance with garden planning look no further. Floral and Hardy team help you set out garden features and the arrangements for flowerbeds, patios, water features, lighting and more.

Design Consultations and Consultancy

Our consultancy service is fully personalised where our garden design experts will guide you on the whole design and creation process. We will advise you on the best route to take based on your requirements and existing garden state.

Landscape Gardening

Finally the creation service which will take your designs, plans and drawings and turn them into your dream garden. Our landscape gardening team is equipped to do everything from removal of old garden waste through to the installation of new water and electrical features, paving/patios, decking, flowerbeds, new grass/turf and lots more.

Landscape Design

Beautiful landscape design and creation services from the experts. Let us help you design and plan your garden landscape from garden themes to feature layouts. We’ll help with the design from luxury decking features through to patios, custom flowerbeds, water and lighting features, bordering and much more.

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