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Garden Layout

Planning the layout of your garden is essential to getting the look that you want.

The right garden layout makes good use of every square inch of your garden and ensures all elements – both hard and soft – will flow together nicely. It’s important that your garden is both practical and attractive, so working out the right layout is one of the first things that the designers at Floral & Hardy will do. We can look at your existing garden space, listen to your ideas, and draw up a layout of how we think the space could best be used.

Things to consider when planning your garden landscape

With so many factors to consider, the process of designing your garden can seem quite daunting. Before you sit down to think about plans or ask us sketch out your garden design, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What type of garden will suit my lifestyle? Do you want a formal garden design, or a functional space to grow vegetables? Ensuring your garden is both beautifully designed and practical is key. You want to create a garden layout that you’ll love, and that’s specifically suited to your needs and desires.
  • What is my garden sizeThe size of your garden will greatly impact the design and layout. Small gardens generally look polished with smaller plants and simple lines and shapes. Large gardens, on the other hand, are better suited to a basic layout that incorporates various elements and dynamic landscapes.
  • How will the climate and topography affect my garden? Your regional climate, the type of soil, and topography of your site should all be taken into consideration to ensure your garden design will flourish. Microclimates can also influence your garden, depending on the amount sun and shade exposure, wind, water levels, and several other conditions.

If you choose to seek the assistance of an expert, our professional garden planners can conduct a site survey to determine how all of the aforementioned elements will factor into your design and layout.

Garden design made easy

It’s important for our designers to discuss how you want to use your garden and what you want to achieve before they come up with a plan.

For example, you might want a patio area in the sunniest spot of the garden, or an outdoor dining area that’s somewhere shaded and secluded. This will form a basis for the layout, and we can then create pathways and paving to make the elements flow together.

Find garden ideas and inspiration

If you’d like some garden landscaping ideas, looking at garden design pictures in the style you want to achieve will provide much needed inspiration. For example, if you want to create a modern garden, then you’ll want the garden layout design to be quite simple, perhaps with a few distinct zones for things like relaxing or play. Once you have some inspiration for the kind of look you want, Floral & Hardy can see how this style could fit into your existing garden, and start to work on the design.

Drawing up garden design plans

Having drawn plans can really help you to visualise what your finished garden will look like. This means you can make any changes before the work begins, and are more likely to be happy with the finished product. We draw up plans for garden layouts that show the position of fencing, patios, flowerbeds, and all other elements to show how they work together, and this is also useful if you need planning permission as it can be used during the application process. As all of our plans are hand-drawn, we can quickly and easily make any changes as needed to ensure the final design is one that meets your needs.

Floral & Hardy have years of experience designing effective garden layouts. Whether you have a small back garden, or an estate of several acres, by drawing up a layout, we can ensure the space is used effectively.

Enquire about garden layouts today

Creating a practical and well-designed landscape layout is crucial to the success of your garden. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the amount of planning and consideration, our garden design experts are here to help. We can provide assistance at every stage of the design process, from ideation to construction.

At Floral & Hardy, we have the expertise and technical knowledge to ensure your garden dream becomes reality. We have a passion for landscaping and garden design – let us help turn your barren yard into a garden oasis.

Send us an email or call 0845 603 2598 to speak to one of our professionals today.

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