Garden Layout Planning

Planning the layout of your garden is essential to getting the look that you want.

The right garden layout makes good use of every square inch of your garden and ensures all elements will flow together nicely. It’s important that your garden is both practical and attractive, so working out the right layout is one of the first things that the designers at Floral & Hardy will do. We will look at your existing garden space, listen to your ideas, and draw up a layout of how we think space could best be used.

With so many factors to consider, the process of designing your outdoor space can seem quite daunting. Before you sit down to think about garden plans, ask yourself the following questions:

What type of garden will suit my lifestyle? 

Do you want a formal design or a functional space to incorporate a vegetable garden? Or would you prefer a beautiful garden with plants and water features? The key is to ensure your garden is both beautifully designed and practical. You want to create a garden layout that you’ll love, and that’s specifically suited to your needs and desires.

Whether you want a place to relax, square foot plans that incorporate raised beds or

What is my garden size

The size of your garden will greatly impact the design and layout. Small gardens generally look polished with smaller plants and simple lines and shapes. Large gardens, on the other hand, are better suited to a basic layout that incorporates various elements and dynamic landscapes.

If you’re interested in incorporating square foot gardening to your outdoor space, our team can come up with a small space garden plan that enables you to have a bespoke area for growing vegetables and flowers, without taking over your whole backyard.

How will the climate and topography affect my garden? 

Your regional climate, type of soil, topography should all be taken into consideration. This will ensure your garden design will flourish. Microclimates can also influence your garden, depending on the amount of sun and shade exposure, wind, water levels, and several other conditions.

Our professional planners can conduct a site survey to determine how all of the elements will factor into your design and garden layout.

If you’d like some garden landscaping ideas, looking at garden design pictures will provide much-needed inspiration.

Expert Vegetable Garden Planning

Regardless of how small your garden is, it shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the experience of your own vegetable garden. Our team understands how to use square foot gardening and raised beds so you can make use of your outdoor space.

Floral & Hardy plans can help you decide whether a raised bed garden is best for your needs, and talk you through which soil to use for your garden. Planting and growing vegetables have never been easier, and it’s a great way to enjoy healthy food without spending lots of money.

Front Garden Layouts

One place a lot of people forget about is their front garden. But it’s the first thing your visitors will see, and with some support and planning, you can create a beautiful outdoor area. We’ll work with you to develop front garden layout ideas that you’ll love.

At Floral & Hardy, we have the expertise and technical knowledge to ensure your garden dream becomes a reality. Our expert planners will work with you to put together a garden plan that works for your individual needs. Contact us today on 0845 603 2598 to speak to one of our professionals.

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