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Garden Planning

Looking for a New, Beautiful Garden designed to suit YOU!  Get a FREE Consultation to discuss garden plans & designs.

Hand Drawn Garden Designs from Floral and Hardy from Floral and Hardy on Vimeo.

You and your hopes and aspirations for your garden are paramount in how your garden will be designed, you can take advantage of our 25 years of experience in design to help create YOUR perfect garden. At the first meeting your designer will carry out your “Design Brief” questionnaire and survey your existing garden, enabling you both together to develop a clear shared vision of your perfect new garden. Your hand drawn and coloured designs and artists impressions along with full plant list and images forms your effective and comprehensive garden plan portfolio. In this portfolio, you will see how your wishes have been met to meet your lifestyle requirements, purpose, concept, desired style and include the elements that will help us together to deliver a truly outstanding and breath-taking garden for you!

We do NOT use garden planning software. When it comes to garden planning ideas everything is planned using good old fashioned pen to paper. 

Your designer will guide you through your design brief when planning a garden to ensure your garden once created satisfies all your dreams and wishes. This consultation is the simplest way to allow you to ensure there is a clear understanding of how you want to best use the space in your garden, and how to integrate all the different features that you want; whether it’s a large estate with acres of space, or a small courtyard garden, your garden design along with our experience will ensure your vision is achieved, and that you and we together achieve your dream garden.

Examples of Our Artisan Hand Drawn Garden Plans

Garden Planning:  The Consultation

When it comes to determining how to design a garden layout, the initial consultation stage of garden planning is important to ensure successful completion of your project. 

At our first meeting with a potential new client we explain our design and build service, a design fee is agreed and this is the process which follows:

A designer visits to complete with you our “Design Brief Questionnaire” this is a 20 page Q & A which identifies all the elements that YOU may want including in your “perfect garden” i.e patios, water features, lighting, play area(if kids)swimming pools, summerhouses/man-caves, built seating, fire pits, planting etc etc there are literally 100’s of options. The key message is we are trying to understand and deliver YOUR perfect garden, not ours!

The process:

  1. A Floral & Hardy Garden Planning Specialist will evaluate the existing garden (Taking soil samples for PH testing, Completing an Aspect Test, Cataloging and identifying existing trees, shrubs, climbers and perennial plants)
  2. Recommendations will be made around changes that could maximise the usable space available
  3. Our consultant will note any requirements/preferences you have (functionality, layout, accessibility)
  4. Our consultant will also want to know about your intended usage and desires for the garden
  5. Brief formulation
  6. Our consultant will photograph your garden
  7. Measurements collection
  8. Feasibility analysis (our consultant will spend time in the garden assessing how feasible the plans are)

Following the meeting Floral and Hardy’s designer writes up their understanding of the “design brief” and e-mails to the client (You) for sign off this ensures we are all on the same hymn sheet before design work starts. Once the designer receives confirmation that the design brief is accurate we invoice for the design fee and the designer starts their research and design which will include, an A2 Hand drawn and coloured 2D design, A3 3D design, mood board, lighting plan and plant list, as soon as they are complete we will be back in touch to arrange to see the clients again.

Once the presentation of the design has happened we produce a detailed, itemised, fixed price quotation to deliver the project, usually there follows some negotiation and once we receive a deposit the project is allocated a start window.


Garden Planning:  Where We Cover

Floral & Hardy offers garden planning services & consultations in the south-east of England covering London and surrounding counties including Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, West & East Sussex, Hertfordshire, Kent and other locations. We can provide project coverage anywhere in the UK however you will need to first enquire with us to discuss your project. 


Garden Planning:  How much does it cost?

Floral & Hardy’s garden planning services vary in cost due to the bespoke nature of garden planning (garden size, requirements, existing foundations etc.). If you give us a call or fill out our enquiry form one of our garden specialists can discuss with you costs based on initial fact-finding. 


How to design a garden layout

As we move into the garden planning stage, a site survey will be carried out to determine how best to make the desired outcome a reality in the space provided.

At this stage we’ll also look at things like whether any planning permission is required as part of the work, along with any external contractors. We’ll look at crucial planning elements such as:

  • The desired use of the garden (e.g. entertaining, practical space, children’s play, vegetables, meditation, etc.)
  • Your likes and dislikes
  • The planning restrictions (if any)
  • Restrictions caused by the direction of the garden and sun exposure
  • Issues arising due to soil profile

We’ll take into consideration all of the above and put forth suggestions to work with anything that has been made apparent during the site survey in order to create garden plans for the front of house or back, ensuring it is as in line with the brief and your desires as is possible.

At this stage we’ll also discuss planting plans, coming up with garden layout inspiration to make the most of the floral impact in any shaped garden, including Oval, Square, Rectangle, Courtyard & Uneven Gardens. With plans in place and your needs firmly outlined, we can then begin drafting up drawings.

An example of the end product from a garden plan to completed build

The video below shows how we turned a garden plan into a concept and the end result.
Water House Small

Garden Inspiration from Floral and Hardy on Vimeo.


Drawing up planting plans and landscaping designs

Drawing up your plans is an exciting phase that will really help you envision the ideas we have talked about.

With our garden design plans and pictures, you can start to see how things will look once finished. All of our drawings are done by hand rather than by CAD software, creating not only a personal touch but also ease of editing and changing as required. These scaled sketches will contain vital information about planting zones, measurements, installation of structural elements and more. Beyond our initial sketches, we will then put together some more drawings that focus on different sections of the garden in greater detail. These will look at more the technical aspects of the installation rather than the overall look and feel of the space.

Having plans drawn up is also useful if you’re going to need planning permission – for example, if you live in a listed building or will be having large outbuildings installed, then some councils will want plans before they grant permission. These plans will help you to visualise the layout of your new garden, and if you’re not happy with anything you can make changes before the work begins. Once you have approved the plans, we will present them to our landscape gardening specialists, and work can begin on contacting nurseries for plants and vendors for other parts of the garden to arrange availability prior to work commencing.


Enquire about our garden design planning & layouts

Whether you are looking for large or small garden design plans, Floral & Hardy is here to help.

If you are looking to renovate or refresh your garden, and are unsure how to best use the space, one of our experts can assist with coming up with garden design plans and ideas. We can help with planning a garden, and have the expertise and vision to create a garden that suits your lifestyle. Whether you want to maximise space, create a play area, or break up a dull, square garden, our experts can help you realise your vision. Whether you are looking for landscape gardening, garden renovation, landscape design or general gardening assistance we can help. Floral & Hardy are specialists throughout the whole garden design and landscaping sector.

Click here to view our portfolio, or to obtain more information, contact us today.



If you are looking for some inspiration we have a whole portfolio of pictures including roof garden pictures, photos of small gardens, photos of medium & large garden pictures, family garden pictures, patio & courtyard garden pictures, urban garden pictures and more! Browse our portfolio to see all the categories of work that we do.

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