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At Floral & Hardy, we have a number of large garden design ideas that can transform unloved, unused or uninspired spaces into sprawling, stunning outdoor areas.

Based on your specific requirements and tastes, we will draft up something completely unique that maximises the impact of an above-average sized garden whilst remaining in keeping with the style of your overall living area.



About our large garden designs

Having a large outdoor space attached to your home gives you a great deal of options when it comes to garden design. Whether you like the look of a vast manicured lawn or want to create a natural, rustic outdoor space, we can help you enjoy all the lovely outdoor space that’s outside your home. Our experts know how to design a garden layout that really stands apart from the crowd whilst meeting your expectations.

How do you plan a garden?

A key part of designing a large garden is the planning stage.

Many large gardens can look empty and boring if the space isn’t maximised, and so when it comes to planning a large garden, our designers will help break up the monotony of the space by adding different features. These features can act as focal points as well as points to complement the overall look and feel of the garden. Large garden water features are especially pleasing, as are things like oversized planters, hanging baskets, play areas and dining areas. We will listen to your ideas as well as provide advice and inspiration of our own, and we are happy to share with you some large garden design pictures from previous installations as well as hand-drawn designs for your space to help you truly envision how your garden will flow together and work for you.

Creating large gardens that work for you

In addition to ensuring pleasing aesthetics, many of our clients want to create an outdoor space that is functional and practical.

You may wish to use your garden for entertaining, or perhaps you have a young family or pets who would benefit from having safe, usable outdoor space. At Floral & Hardy, we take this into consideration when designing your garden, and one of the ways we can do this is to split up the area into different compartments. When drafting up large garden design plans, we can create spaces that have dining areas or even outdoor living rooms, and we can add lighting and heating so that you can enjoy your garden all year round. Adding a canopy or some shelter can also protect you from the rain during a typical British summer. Whether you want something classic like a built-in barbecue or want to keep up with the trends with an outdoor wood-fired oven, we can integrate this into the overall design. The outdoor spaces designed by Floral & Hardy are practical as well as beautiful, and we can add lots of useful elements to your large garden. You may want a separate play area for your children or you might want some allotment space so you can grow herbs, salad, root vegetables, and other low-maintenance food plants. If you want to add practical features such as this, we can ensure they work with the rest of the garden and are attractive as well as practical.

Large garden spaces have many more options in terms of greenery and colour, too. You can create a lush ambience by planting large, evergreen shrubs and mature trees that won’t overwhelm the space. Shrubs and trees could be used for added privacy, or to break up a square garden, and are a lovely, low maintenance way to make a large garden look more verdant. As experienced as we are with more traditional flower garden designs, we can also create more chic and contemporary spaces utilising technology and mod-cons. For example, when done correctly, lighting can evoke different moods in your garden for each season and for each time of the day. Every finished garden will be upscale, upmarket and visually stunning, making your outdoor space a real talking point for every guest to your home.

Why Choose Floral & Hardy to Enhance Your Outdoor Space?





When it comes to large garden ideas, the sky’s the limit. There’s plenty we can do with small gardens, but having an extensive space provides plenty of opportunities for innovation, and you can put a stamp on your outdoor space.

We’ve worked with numerous clients to design a stunning outdoor socialising and living space and are confident that we can help you transform your larger garden into an intimate haven.

Specialist Landscaping Team

All of our landscapers are experienced in all elements of garden design. Whether it’s producing a layout for your outdoor space, finding the right plants, adding hard landscaping or incorporating areas of visual interest, we can bring your garden to life.

The smaller features can add intimacy to your garden, so we always make an effort to incorporate stepping stones, pond ornaments and paths that add personality to your outside space.

Responsible Approach to Gardening

Whenever we can, we make every effort to promote sustainability and use eco-friendly gardening techniques. We also have relationships with many community-based businesses and source local materials to reduce our carbon footprint whenever we can.

Working with Floral & Hardy means you can contribute to protecting the environment and still have a stunning garden.

Excellent Service

We’re known for our commitment to customer service and specialise in providing garden ideas that work for small and larger spaces. Our landscape specialists are always ready to offer top tips and ideas so you can find the best plants for your garden position.

Whether it’s providing inspiration, creating a large area layout plan or creating ways to attract wildlife to your garden with ponds and plant life.

Contact us to enquire about garden designs for larger gardens

At Floral & Hardy, our experienced team are experts in large garden design and can turn dull and uninspired spaces into thriving gardens where you can relax.

We are proud to have created some truly resplendent large-scale gardens at Floral & Hardy, from sustainable and practical eco-friendly family gardens complete with hidden trampolines and Hobbit Houses to charming patios with elegantly lit lanterns, fruit trees and pretty French Lavender. We’ve created gardens in large houses through oversized huge country estates with perfectly orchestrated views and overflowing vegetable beds.

Large garden spaces can often feel a little neglected and devoid of life. If your garden needs re-designing or you want to add some particular features, then give the Floral & Hardy team a call on 0845 603 2598.

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We believe that everyone should be able to enhance their own garden, whether it’s an expansive space or an urban patio. You can do so many things, and sometimes something as small as a garden path or a herb garden can make all the difference.

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