Our Sevenoaks Garden Designer Creates A Substantial Garden

How our Sevenoaks garden designer makes use of visual tricks to create a more substantial garden

Our professional Sevenoaks garden designer will create a garden that will stimulate you throughout the year.

Garden design has been called the most leisurely paced art form in history. It requires almost endless patience. Designing gardens is about a lot more than just how plants grow over different periods of time. Did you consider the functional concerns? Such as drainage, and where you want to keep your compost bins and other garden tools for the rest of the year?

Here at Floral & Hardy we have had the privilege of designing and installing so many wide ranging gardens over the years.

Here’s a small taste of what we learned in that time, ranging from clever preparation to design guidelines, while spending so much time behind and in front of so many people’s houses.

Try not to concentrate on your garden nursery pots or what packets of seed you have in your hand. Instead, look ahead to what you want the garden to appear like in a few years’ time. The majority of people plant whatever they want for instant gratification, which often results in a miniature jungle environment within a few years where you won’t be able to move. Keep in mind how fast some plants can grow in the UK.

As a professional Sevenoaks garden designer for many homes, we have learned to look beyond what’s right in front of us and really think about what your garden will look like in five years, based on your ideas. This means visualising where tree canopies will sprout, and what they’ll cover, as well as what’s going to be under your feet at any given time. With cover above your head and a variety of ground covers beneath your feet, you’re well on your way to a garden that’s a pleasure to look at and be involved with.

Just as the smell and the sound make an impact in your senses, colour generates an atmosphere. Some colours are calming, others stimulating, while still others can stir strong memories or emotions, especially if your parents were keen gardeners when you were young. Colour is hugely individual to everyone and amusing to play around with. We look beyond the flowers and other greenery to use colour within the containers and art pieces so as to keep the colours strong throughout the year.

While our designer tips and tricks add to the indulgences of any garden, the only way to have a truly satisfying and personal garden, is to articulate your own taste and vision to our Sevenoaks garden designer when he goes about designing your dream garden.

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