Spooky, Scary, and Super Fun Halloween Garden Ideas for 2022

The spookiest event of the year will soon be upon us, which means it’s time for fun costumes and lots of sweets. With the pandemic finally behind us, families are looking forward to celebrating in style – but what can you do to make this Halloween extra special?

In this post, we’ll reveal some excellent ideas for decorating your garden and giving it that spooky twist.

Let’s dive in.

Is Halloween Still An Important Event In The UK?

Halloween is still a special event in the UK, with many people enjoying planning their costumes and decorations. However, in the past two decades, we’ve seen some significant changes, including the decline in trick or treating.

Many parents no longer let their children go and knock on strangers’ doors, and house parties are now more common. There will be some grand celebrations this year, and one of the best ways to honour Halloween is to throw your party for friends and family.

Decorating your garden is important because it creates a theme, and there’s so much you can do with decorations.

Next, we’ll reveal the best Halloween decorations for your garden.

It’s All About The Pumpkin

Pumpkin garden

Pumpkins are synonymous with Halloween, and they make excellent decorations for your garden. You can buy pumpkins of all shapes and sizes from your local supermarket, or you can grow your own.

Many people in the UK use the pumpkin method to determine whether households accept trick or treaters. If a pumpkin is in the front garden or the window, that means children can go and knock on the door.

You can put pumpkins in the back garden if you don’t want to welcome trick or treaters. It’s always fun to carve a spooky face into the pumpkin or use candles for a lantern effect.

Another great idea is to use pumpkins as plant pots. Hollow out the middle of the pumpkin, fill it with soil, and add your favourite plants. The final effect will look fantastic on a porch or steps leading up to your front door.

Use Trees and Plants For Fake Spiders Webs

Fake Spiders Webs

If you have trees, bushes, or a wildflower garden, they’re the perfect place to add some fake spiderwebs. It’s a quick and easy way to transform your garden and is very effective.

You can buy spider webbing from most supermarkets or online, and it’s very cheap. Just drape the webbing over the branches of your tree or bush, and then use scissors to create a web effect.

If you want to take this one step further, you can add fake spiders. You can buy these from most pound shops, or you could make your own with pipe cleaners.

Create A Spooky Pathway With LED Lights

Another great idea for Halloween is to create a spooky pathway leading up to your front door, which is a great way to welcome people to your party – and it’s straightforward.

All you need is some LED lights, which you can buy from most supermarkets or online. Line the pathway with the lights, and turn them on when it gets dark.

You could also use this idea for steps leading up to your front door or the garden. It’s a great way to create an atmospheric effect and is very cheap and easy to do.

Play Some Fun Games

A treasure hunt is a great way to keep people entertained, and it isn’t as complicated as it sounds. Hide small objects in your garden, such as candy and money, then give kids a list of things to find.

You could even use Halloween-themed riddles to help them and get the adults involved.

Bobbing for apples is a traditional Halloween game, which is great fun for all the family. All you need to do is fill a large tub or sink with water and add some apples.

The aim of the game is for people to catch an apple in their teeth – but it’s not as easy as it sounds!

Some people also like to play pin the spider on the web, which is the same as pin the tail on the donkey – with an obvious difference.

Create A Fire Pit

garden Fire Pit

One of the most popular additions to any garden is a fire pit. Not only do they create a wonderful entertainment space, but a fire pit is also the perfect place to gather around and have fun on Halloween night.

If you remember the Are You Afraid Of The Dark TV show, you’ll know that nothing beats sitting around a fire telling ghost stories and toasting marshmallows.

People love fire pits because they immediately create an atmosphere and save money on the heating bills.

You could also make baked potatoes and let everyone choose from various fillings. Better still, fire pits are easy to create and don’t take much time to build.

Make Ghost Figurines

Ghost Figurines

One of Halloween’s most straightforward and popular garden ideas is making ghost figurines. You can buy these cheaply from most supermarkets, or you could make your own with white sheets.

All you need to do is drape the sheet over a chair or bush in your garden and then use scissors to cut out a ghostly shape. You could even use old clothes to create different shapes and sizes.

It’s a great way to decorate your garden, and children will love helping you make the ghosts. They might look innocent in the daytime, but these ghost figurines come alive at night and look incredibly spooky.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our blog post about Halloween garden ideas for 2022. Some great ideas will make your Halloween celebrations extra special; think about how much you want to spend, and don’t be afraid to use your natural garden.

Wildflowers, trees and pots can all come to life during Halloween, and you can save a lot of money by incorporating them into the design.

Most importantly, remember to have fun. Halloween may be the spookiest day of the year, but at its core – it’s all about fun.

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