Stop Press! …F&H are Winners!

We are proud to announce that Floral and Hardy’s directors and designer, Paul and Helen Ellison, have attained a joint first place in this year’s HVA (Hayes Village Association) front garden competition. 

image of front garden

From an initial selection of approximately sixty potential gardens, twenty were selected by local adjudicator Shirley Savage, based on the official standards and measurements provided by the RHS.      

The criteria for said competition includes most prominently: “…the health of the garden’s inhabitant plants, the artistic vision i.e. the site’s probable presentation at the time of fruition, the diligence of the site’s maintenance, general cultivation and the overall impression of the site”.         

When asked for comment Paul Ellison remarked, “We’re more embarrassed than anything, after all gardening is our passion and pastime and of course our business, so we’re receiving recognition for something we enjoy doing, as much as the HVA evidently enjoy observing.”  

image of stones in box circle

Well their embarrassment is perhaps a little misplaced, as the competition is a voluntary endeavour on behalf of the HVA. In former years the entire event has been run on the basis of residents entering themselves for the competition, but due to a lack of sufficient entrants, the HVA deemed it prudent to volunteer every garden within their horticultural jurisdiction with the assumption that the sites of the truly green fingered would speak for themselves.         

“Good shout HVA, you came up trumps this time”.         

On further reflection Paul gave this comment on the ethos of his and Helen’s design approach, “Our theme is traditionally English, an informal riot of colour retained by box hedging…”         

Their passion is evident to hear, considering they find even the most arbitrary tasks are a gift to be relished:   “…even the task of dead-heading each morning is like unwrapping a Christmas present every day.” 

image of hemerocallis and nasturtiums

The plants that Paul and Helen chose for their garden include Geranium ‘Buxton’s Variety’,   Verbena Bonariensis, Lavender ‘Hidcote’,   Hemerocallis ‘Burning Daylight’ and pink and white Cosmos.   

These are preceded in spring by Tulips, Alliums and Fritillaries. 


by Josh Ellison

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