The Best Plants for Garden Design

Calling all green thumbs – it’s time to talk about one of the most rewarding hobbies out there – gardening. Nothing beats the joy of planting a seed and then watching it develop into a magnificent plant, right?

That said, when you have to work out which plants to integrate into your garden design, you probably feel a tad overwhelmed, particularly if your garden’s medium-sized. Happily, the friendly folks at Floral & Hardy are here to help with personalised garden plans and suggestions on the best plants for your garden design.

Designing a picturesque medium-sized garden

The art of crafting a medium-sized garden is by no means a breeze in the trees. You need to find a balance between having ample room for various florae and features while avoiding overfilling. Don’t panic, though. With the right choice of plants and careful planning, you’ll craft a functional, beautiful bloom-filled retreat tailored to your lifestyle and tastes.

Sprucing your personalised garden, one plan at a time

In terms of garden design, the cookie-cutter approach doesn’t fit the bill. Every outside space is individual, and the design should convey your character, requirements, and tastes. Luckily, we here at Floral & Hardy provide personalised garden plans that work with your garden’s soil type, location, house style, and sunlight exposure.

Our professionals will partner with you to design a bespoke garden that includes your preferred plants, elements, and features so your plot reflects your style and personality.

Picking the perfect flora for your not-too-big, not-too-small outdoor oasis

Did you know? One of the main aspects of nailing your garden design is selecting spot-on plants. Take a peek at some of our top picks – you can integrate them easily into your medium-sized garden design.


Want to add a splash of elegance to your garden design? Then meet lavender – it’s one of the most colourful, fragrant-rich flora on the planet. On top of that, it entails little maintenance, is easy to grow and can entice pollinators like butterflies and bees to your Edenic patch

You can grow lavender in containers or as a border – it’s one of the most versatile plants and will work with any garden design.


If you want to add structure and height to your garden design, this climbing plant is a smart choice for any garden design. Capable of producing a profusion of kaleidoscopic flowers in the summer, you can grow it on walls, trellises or fences. What’s more, clematis is available in a slew of hues, from deep purple to white, making this plant a real team player that can acclimatise to any garden design effortlessly.

Japanese maple

This tiny tree will bring a little colour and atmosphere to any garden space. From deep red to orange, the Japanese maple’s leaves come in a raft of hues – it’s an excellent addition if your garden design could do with an explosion of colour. You can grow the Japanese maple as a specimen, which makes it a versatile plant option for any medium-sized outdoor space.


Because these beauties generate large, colourful flowers, they brighten up any garden design. You can grow them as a tree or shrub, and they don’t involve much maintenance. You can get hydrangeas in a rainbow of shades, like blue, white, purple, and pink – they’re a super all-around plant for any plot.


If you want to go classic, choose roses. Available in a range of colours, sizes and shapes, you can grow roses as shrubs, bushes or climbers. And like hydrangeas, they’re pretty straightforward to look after and can blossom from spring to autumn, delivering scent and colour in all seasons.

The best plants for your medium-sized sanctuary

Gardening gurus, rejoice! Now we’ve covered the basics of plant types, let’s take a closer look at some specific options, perfect for a medium-sized garden design. Prepare to add some serious glamour to your garden with these top picks:

  1. Hydrangea: Multipurpose and magnificent, hydrangeas come in an array of colours and sizes and will make your garden look beautiful and complete. Use them to create clusters for a fuller look or borders.
  2. Hosta: Inject a little texture in your oasis with these leafy shrubbery floras, available in a spectrum of colours and sizes. Who thought leaves could be so thrilling?
  3. Ornamental grasses: Use these swaying beauties to infuse a sense of vigour and energy into your garden for an engaging, lively space for everyone to enjoy. On hand in a myriad of colours and heights, they’ll create a natural-looking border or fill empty spaces beautifully.
  4. Japanese maple: Trees can definitely be the star of the show. Japanese maple is a striking tree that’ll make your garden stand out with its assortment of colours and graceful, lacelike leaves.
  5. Salvia: Sprinkle some colour magic into your garden with these cheerful plants that come in all tones of purple, pink, and more. Even better, these plants will draw beautiful butterflies to your outside haven.

Personalised garden plans

At Floral & Hardy, we know that your green paradise is as distinctive as you are. So, we offer personalised garden plans to ensure you get exactly what you desire. We consider factors such as drainage, soil type, and sun exposure to make sure your floral kingdom flourishes. Plus, we take care of the installation process, so you can relax and kick back in your new landscaped haven.

Remember, the right florae make all the difference in creating a functional, beautiful botanical wonderland. And with our personalised garden plans, your dream garden will come to life.

The takeaway

Picking the perfect plants for your garden design is vital for crafting a picturesque and practical garden sanctuary. Whether you’re trying to unearth plants that add texture, colour, or motion, fortunately, your choices are as plentiful as a fruit basket. When planning a medium-sized garden, it’s essential to plump for plants that will work with the space without overfilling it.

At Floral & Hardy, we concentrate on crafting personalised garden plans that blend the perfect plants to fit your space. Give us a call now to find out more about our services. Let’s collaborate to design and build the garden you’ve always desired!

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